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Yes, recall it quite well. Stumbled upon the duality of the term ISIS today.

IMO mankind was artificially re-created by genetical engineering several times.
Less promising crossbreds were used for a while and then reduced or finally eliminated. Earth seems to be a colony for a certain purpose that is only fully known to those on the very top, the way the freemason hierarchy arranged it.

I always wondered about the biblical teachings that man should only have one God and should not try to make a picture of this God that is not try to recognize who God really is or what the true nature of God is.

Maybe an awful looking alien beast that would scare man to death?
Not even a reptilian or a mammalia but something like an insect, a spider?

What do cattle, sheep, horses and chicken think about the farmer
who cares for them in the end only for his personal gain and survival?

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Remember the MURDER of all those biologists and molecular scientists, etc? See I a *LINK* *PIC*
Yes, recall it quite well. Stumbled upon the duality of the term ISIS today.
German Paper Reports CIA Counterfeiting US Currency *LINK*
Agree to your conclusions. The FAZ from Frank(!)furt is known for its outspoken frankness. Otherwise a mouthpiece of liberal freemasons, in the capital of finance and Rothschild hometown.
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