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Remember the MURDER of all those biologists and molecular scientists, etc? See I a *LINK* *PIC*

I personally believe the CIA killed them.  I also believe they are the ones spreading much of the diseases, by way of their military complex ties.  I think that organization is the head of evil in this country (and many others, sadly too).  Sadly, the top tier of other secretive government groups are somewhat similar that I have noticed... such as the FBI.

I wonder if there are any international and independent intelligence operations that work in the best interest of humanity from stem to root.  Let's hope so.

Anyone recall the Oregon military games?  Those off the N.W. Coast........ weren't they just a year or so ago?  I also seem to recall a potential terrorist attack in Oregon (via ferry boat?). I would have to re read some earlier posts about that matter, to bring up the details.   It seems when these break-outs occur, some of our own military are behind it. What the heck!!!  It's not even foreign attack.  It seems to be with the blessing and backing of a few top tier people in our government.

Remember as you put this all together.  Very few have the ability to create and administer these deadly pathogens with such secrecy. Only those that are very good at it, do it. 

It's like Ron Paul said.  The CIA & FED are our major problems in the USA.  I believe that as a complete FACT!


Did the U.S. Army help spread Morgellons and other diseases? by Hank P. Albarelli Jr.*, Zoe Martell*

Last week’s Voltaire Network article concerning the mysterious spread of a fungus disease in the Northwest United States provoked a number of readers to contact Mr. H. P. Albarelli Jr., the author of both these articles, with new information concerning strange diseases and the U.S. Army’s covert biological warfare activities which involve the use of chemical and biological weapons against human beings. There is a history of U.S. secret human experimentation. In this case, it is unsuspecting U.S. citizens that are the victims.

I went to put some of the medicated salve on the lesions on my face and when I put the salve near them the filaments beneath my skin moved into a group and then moved away from the area I was going to treat. I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know what to think. I screamed for my husband to come … the damn things beneath my skin were alive; they moved to avoid treatment. Morgellons victim, Vermont, May 2010.


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Remember the MURDER of all those biologists and molecular scientists, etc? See I a *LINK* *PIC*
Yes, recall it quite well. Stumbled upon the duality of the term ISIS today.
German Paper Reports CIA Counterfeiting US Currency *LINK*
Agree to your conclusions. The FAZ from Frank(!)furt is known for its outspoken frankness. Otherwise a mouthpiece of liberal freemasons, in the capital of finance and Rothschild hometown.
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