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Is Alex Jones actually Bill Hicks? Like Jesus, dead and revived at age 33? Tricky? *PIC*

"Alex Jones and Bill Hicks do look startlingly alike, and both are from Texas."

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Twelve years after his untimely and very suspicious death, a brand-new performance of political philosopher and comedian Bill Hicks surfaces.

Historic Hicks Performance Surfaces After Twelve Years
by Kentroversy

Twelve years after his untimely and very suspicious death of pancreatic cancer, an October 5, 1993 performance surfaces, where Bill Hicks performs his censored act that was banned from Late Show With David Letterman, from October 1, 1993. Bill Hicks was rightly outraged when his act was censored by CBS and Robert Morton of the Letterman show, which exemplified the ridiculous double-standards of Hollywood and television in general.

Because of Hicks' unfortunate early death in February 1994, this censorship incident is what Bill Hicks is most well-known. The recently discovered MP3 recording of Hicks' October 5, 1993 performance repeats not only the censored act, but also offers Bill's own commentary of the experience, which he attributed to the stupidity of America, and the inability of broadcast television to truly refuse to stretch the envelope, intellectually.

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