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GOLDFINGER!!! *Day of Infamy, August 15, 1971*... :D *PIC* *LINK*


...and the Frickin' "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" Award...



...goes to the American people for bein' so Frickin' Gullible...



 Goldfinger — Rome steals U.S. Gold Reserves!!   


 Day of Infamy, August 15, 1971...

 August 15, 1971, is a day that will live in infamy. That was the day that Standard Oil controlled President Richard Nixon assassinated the DOLLAR. He took the dollar off the gold standard and paved the way for the ruin of the country.

In pagan Rome, August 15 was the big day for the devotees of Venus or the Queen of Heaven otherwise known as the Egyptian Isis or Hathor the cow goddess.  Roman pagans believed that Venus was taken up alive into heaven and crowned Queen of heaven. Papal Rome substituted Mary (the humble mother of Jesus) for Venus and continued to observe their pagan holiday. Now they call it the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!!

Venus or the mother goddess was called Isis or Hathor in Egypt and Diana of the Ephesians in Asia Minor. 

August 15, 1534 was also the day that Ignatius LIEola founded the deadly Jesuit order.

By choosing this day to divorce our dollar from the gold standard, Nixon was telling Rome's slaves that this was a covert assault by the Roman legions against Protestant America!!


  Rome Steals U.S. Lands !!  

 After this date, foreign holders of U.S. currency could not redeem their dollars in gold . . . so the vast lands of the Western U.S. were promised as collateral instead of gold.

Judas Iscariot was a perfect type of the papacy at the end of the world....Judas betrayed his Lord for 2 things: MONEY and LAND...







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[KR44] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal! – And The Gold Standard with J.S. Kim! *LINK*
Return to the Gold Standard only good for those who own most of the gold. But where is the gold? The real gold, not tungsten fakes. In Fort Knox? In Jerusalem? In China? Why not pacific kaori mussels? *NM*
GOLDFINGER!!! *Day of Infamy, August 15, 1971*... :D *PIC* *LINK*
Nice Pics and Emoticons, mainly the before-last-one, funtastic. Thank you! ;) *PIC*
Mosha, did you like the Musik? I burn and I yearn for your stepping-in return ;) :D
I like the for the Frickin' Foolshat Fatima Fatwa... :D *PICS* *VID*
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