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what did I intend?

There have been studies done on the power of intention...but do we really need studies when we use intention every day of our lives to accomplish things? I was thinking of just mentally sending out (similar to the way long distant healing is done) the potentially appropriate frequencies (when known) as more than one frequency will be required. It would require the efforts of many people. However complicated we think things are, they are simply a manifestation of frequencies...easy to say for sure...but based on Lloyd Mear's work in using verbally stated frequencies in changing one's health, it may be possible to produce positive changes not only within, but also without. I will email Lloyd and see what he says. Keep in mind...donor DNA will respond immediately to the emotional input of the donor no matter how far away the donor an intention experiment might work if enough people got behind it. Lloyd has no website.

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Does oil have a frequency?
Crude Oil is a mixture of MANY substances reaching from tar to gases therefore no single frequency but a 'symphony orchestra' ;)
what did I intend?
Sorry and thanks for your reply. I mistook it somehow because of the thick crude oil and the poisonous counter-measures with chemicals. *NM*
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