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Feds letting sick people into the US - more examples of gov't not thinking

From WC Douglass, M.D. via his Daily Dose email

Feds letting sick people into America

Our open-border policy isn't just causing economic disaster... it will eventually kill or sicken all of us as disease-ridden immigrants and other visitors spread exotic germs across the country.

A new report shows just how easy it'll be for the next big superbug to enter America -- all it needs is a human host with a passport and an international air ticket.

Hundreds, even thousands, of clearly ill air passengers hop off planes and make their entitled way right past the quarantine, where they're supposed to stop and get checked out.

Some of these people are so ill they collapse on the other side of the checkpoint and need emergency medical treatment right there in the airport. But no one sends them back to the quarantine -- they get an ambulance ride to a local hospital instead, probably on your dime to boot.

USA Today compared ambulance records for calls at airports to quarantine numbers, and found a complete disconnection between the two.

For example, the CDC's Atlanta region had 102 reports at its quarantine stations for 2009. But there were 473 ambulance calls for people with fever, diarrhea, vomiting or flu at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport alone.

The CDC had 91 quarantine reports combined from Florida, Alabama and Mississippi... but Miami International Airport by itself had 185 ambulance calls for people who were ill, feverish, vomiting, or suffering from severe diarrhea or flu-like symptoms.

And who knows how many other clearly ill people just waltzed right on through, sick but not quite sick enough to need emergency care yet. Once in our cities, they spread their disease in taxis, hotels, subways, museums and restaurants.

Airlines are supposed to notify the CDC when they have sick passengers arriving, but most of them are far too busy dreaming up extra fees to bother.

I bring a surgical mask for flights and train rides, especially during flu season and always when I travel internationally. I don't care what I look like.

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