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Does oil have a frequency?

Everything in life is energy vibrating at various frequencies, right? Does anyone know the frequency/frequencies for oil? Is there not a way to work with the frequency of oil, eliminate that vibration and therefore eliminate the oil spill? You'd think there would be a way. 

The so-called miracles the man named Jesus was said to have performed were likely preformed via working with frequencies...really what else could it be? And it is written Jesus said, "whatever I can do you can do better." Huuummmmm.........

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Does oil have a frequency?
Crude Oil is a mixture of MANY substances reaching from tar to gases therefore no single frequency but a 'symphony orchestra' ;)
what did I intend?
Sorry and thanks for your reply. I mistook it somehow because of the thick crude oil and the poisonous counter-measures with chemicals. *NM*
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