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Frenetic Foreign Firsters Beware: The Dangers of the GIYUS MegaPhone Desktop Tool *PIC*


The Megaphone desktop tool is a Windows "action alert" tool developed by
Give Israel Your United Support (GIYUS)

BTW, “giyus” means “draft” in Hebrew as in “military draft.” It has a connotation of compelling someone to participate in an action (like military service). So these people think they’re dragooning the media (or is it their own supporters?) for the greater good of Israel. Yuck!

and distributed by

    World Union of Jewish Students
    World Jewish Congress
    The Jewish Agency for Israel
    World Zionist Organization
    Hasbara fellowships

and other
pro-Israel public relations, media watchdog, or activism organizations.

The tool delivers real-time alerts about key articles, videos, blogs, and surveys related to Israel or the Arab-Israeli conflict, especially those perceived by GIYUS to be highly critical of Israel, so that users can vote or add comments expressing their support of Israel.

It is said with tech geeks:

MegaPhone Desktop Tool is spyware
taking over control of the host computer, that is the personal home computer aka GIYUS client where the internet tracking spyware is installed.

This might explain nasty problems for some:

MegaPhone Terms and Conditions

The software license provides for remote updates: "You understand and agree that Giyus.Org may provide updates, patches and/or new versions of the Software from time to time, including automatic updates that will be installed on your computer, with notice to You, as needed to continue to use the Services, and You hereby authorize such installations."

Well, do you know what is really checked and installed in the background?

Also, for those who love to swagger with links to special chosen propaganda web sites or have 'unprotected intercourse' with these holy sites frequently.

Chances are you get bugged, you get a root kit installed that none of the known highly praised helpers will detect, your moves are tracked and while you think you are untouched because you are so pro-Israel and so anti-Vatican
you are in the crosshairs already, because, ya know 'anti-Vatican' and 'pro-baptist' is not much different than being 'anti-Israel'. There you have it!

Got it?

Ten Tips For Dealing With GIYUS

ynet talkbacks
GIYUS calls Jews of world to web duty - Linda Harel - comment 25.

Megaphone toolbar - fake?

There are unconfirmed suspicions that the Megaphone toolbar is a fake. The site it comes from, "", has a "cloaked domain registration", and no real info about who owns it. The main site providing the "endorsement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs", "", has phony domain registration info. ("123 St, Los Angeles, 12345"). There's nothing about it on the Israel Foreign Ministry site. This might just be a piece of spyware or adware. Don't know yet. The toolbar doesn't really do anything essential. There's a web page and an RSS feed of the same alerts on "".
J. Nagle , California (08.01.06)

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