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You Got It!...and Maybe Something Worse than THAT...and with HORUS RISING from the DEEP???...a-huh a-huh... :O

...besides the New Madrid Fault, the San Andreas Fault & Mammoth Lakes Caldera in California and Yellowstone Caldera in Wyoming...there's the following report which many have read, but considering what's happening in the Gulf of Mexico, I think it bears repeating...while it applies to the current situation in the Continental U.S., what about all the oil & gas that's been sucked out of the earth in other areas of the world -- the Middle East, Indonesia, etc. -- so many areas...well, WTSHTF -- and the "S" settles, I got a feeling God's gonna rub our faces in it...every frickin' idol...

                                          THE GREAT ABYSS


IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT:   The U.S. Government has had its military, its best experts, scientists from America's best Universities, as well as experts from the Chevron Oil Company, examine what you are about to read, and not one of them has been able to disprove any part of it.  They all know it's true, but there's NO solution, so they don't dare tell you!



The oil companies already own the drilling rights to more than eighty million acres of land in America which contains an abundance of oil and natural gas.  So why are they fighting so hard to obtain off-shore drilling rights, which are much more difficult, and three thousand times more expensive to pursue?  This article is about to explain why !!

The life-threatening problem we are about to describe explains why the oil companies do not DARE to drill on most of the eighty million acres of oil and gas rich land they now control.  Financially, it would make sense for the government to cancel their leases on this land, as they are a major expense, but the government wants major oil companies to maintain control over this oil rich land, in order to keep it out of the hands of any small drilling company that would want to drill on it.

So, in order to keep companies like Exxon, Shell, and so on from canceling their leases, the government has been providing enormous tax breaks and incentives which more than off-set the annual lease payments that these large energy companies pay for them.

Until now, you've rarely heard about the process used by these oil companies to get oil:  Because if you did, you would probably not be able to sleep at night!

Wherefore, we as Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans, are all now living directly on top of the largest, most volatile, BOMB, ever to be imagined by mankind.  This report will explain the process by which this unimaginably powerful bomb has been created...


The Great Abyss - A very volatile situation for America:


As for taking Russia's advice about detonating a small nuclear bomb to close the hole -- what if there's a large deposit or reservoir of Methane down there that they either don't know about or haven't bothered to tell the general public about?  I got an E-mail some time ago from someone who has an Internet radio show and he also has a few military contacts who've told him that the U.S. has been under a full scalar attack by the Russians for quite a while -- trying to cause "The BIG ONE".  Whichever "BIG ONE" that is -- I don't know, but I'd say they'll take "whichever" ONE they can get...Taking America down has been at the top of their "wish list" for many years, but maybe they should be careful what they wish for...unintended consequences could rise up and bite the whole world in the butt -- ecologically and financially speaking...

DEEPWATER HORIZON...Horus Rising?  Oh yeah...from the DEEP...HORUS, the Masonic, Sabbatean-Frankist, Jesuit Jesus...with his Alien "space brothers" the rescue...courtesy of a DEEPER Illusion by the Blue Beam Boys...

As that famous Jew-boy, Einstein, once said...

"God does not play dice with the Universe"
(...but He might decide to fry the Earth...)    

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Could Uncle Sam -- The DIPSTICK -- Be "Done In" By An OIL SLICK??? :O *LINK*
DEEPWATER HORIZON the rarely used name of the drill platform that was awarded for its high security standards. Somebody trying to trigger the New Madrid Fault Megaquake?
thx, so I'm not the only one asking 'deep water' questions across the 'horizon'. Owner is 'Transocean' located in ZUG Switzerland, tax evader paradise. Head Office in Geneva (United Nations Center)
You Got It!...and Maybe Something Worse than THAT...and with HORUS RISING from the DEEP???...a-huh a-huh... :O
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