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Here is an email from Patrick Jordan's list.  He does not seem to have a website but I have been listening to him and Dr. Carley and they've been creeping me out due to the little bit of knowledge I have on their topics...




Hi Everybody,

Having a list with so many engaged, intelligent people is like having
a research team.

The idea that the name of the platform might have been significant had
crossed my mind but I did not have time to investigate - but not to
worry our team is on it.  This is what one of the listmembers sent.

I stopped beLIEving in Coincidence a long time ago.

Thanks for filling in the blanks.


Patrick, one thing I have not heard anyone say as of yet has to do
with the connection
of the name of the drill platform to the esoteric.  Deep Horizon...
one of the many
things I learned when I listened to the late Bill Cooper's "Mystery
Babylon" series of
audio, was that "Horizon" means "Horus Rising."  The platform name was
"Deep Horizon."
Is Horus, aka the (re)incarnation of Osiris aka Lucifer and/or demons,
arising from
below?  Is this the official kick off or starting bell to the next phase?

The name "Horus Rising" to "Deep Horizon" raises my esoteric occultic
neck hairs.  Have
you talked or heard of this connection yet?





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DEEPWATER HORIZON the rarely used name of the drill platform that was awarded for its high security standards. Somebody trying to trigger the New Madrid Fault Megaquake?
thx, so I'm not the only one asking 'deep water' questions across the 'horizon'. Owner is 'Transocean' located in ZUG Switzerland, tax evader paradise. Head Office in Geneva (United Nations Center)
You Got It!...and Maybe Something Worse than THAT...and with HORUS RISING from the DEEP???...a-huh a-huh... :O
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