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Why would somebody (not here in this forum) repost 'old' articles on private 'hubby issues' one-to-one? Lack of other topics?

Would you unearth your old postings and share them with a slightly different headline to give the impression it were fresh contributions?

I know that newspapers and magazines do this, it saves time and money, fills the empty pages. There's always a new audience a few years later, for example teenies, and when grown up they turn to different papers. So nobody would realize being duped.

But why would somebody do this in a public forum, sharing insights of a private relationship and repost it word by word? I've seen this on several occasions. Makes me wonder as to what the motives and the mindset of such a person might be.

On the other hand, sometimes I think I should repost older articles of mine on good occasions. But then I would tag it as re-post or improved re-post.

Everyday there's something new that makes me wonder, be it near, be it far, be it private, be it public. Like rain falling down ... but when I think it over, isn't it the same same water coming back, circulating around and around, just like our spinning globe?

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