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Greek protesters storm the Acropolis (STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, Man! Have some Balls!) *LINK*

Greek protesters storm the Acropolis

World markets plunge over fears that Greece's economic crisis will spread to other countries despite austerity measures.

Webmaster's Commentary:

It is the austerity measures the Greeks are rioting against! They understand, as do the Icelanders, that government doe snot have a moral right to pillage the general population to shower wealth on private financial corporations to save them from their own greed, recklessness, and stupidity. Time and time again the people of the world have told their government not to go into debt to the bankers and inevitably the bankers provide campaign donations to those candidates willing to plunge their people into debt-slavery to the banks.

The people of Greece and the people of Iceland have sent a clear message to their governments; you got into this mess without our permission, you can get out without our help.

Americans need to learn that same insight. Our Congress, the finest Congress money can buy, sold us into debt slavery to the Federal Reserve without our permission. 90% of Americans told Congress not to hand public money to private bankers to save them from their own greed, but Congress did it anyway, then laughed about it afterwards.

Now we are finding out that Congress was betting their own fortunes on the collapse of the US economy! The more you suffered, the richer they got!

Now the politicians are saying that "we" have to pay back all the money that "we" spent. "We" didn't spend it; the politicians did, with reckless abandon and in defiance of the expressed will of the people. That means we live under a system of taxation without representation, because Congress did not represent the will of the people, but only the interests of itself and the bankers with whom they engaged in betting against the US economy.

And in that little school I went to in New Hampshire, I was taught that taxation without representation was sufficient grounds to fire the entire government.

Now, I do indeed see the hammer and sickle icon on the banner shown in Greece. However given that the banner is written in English and looks professionally produced it may well be a COINTELPRO style stunt to demonize the Greek protesters, since we Americans are conditioned from birth to hate that emblem almost as much as the Swastika. Personally I do not wish to live under socialism, but if forced into a choice between fascism and socialism, then socialism is clearly the lesser of two evils. What we have now in the US and Europe is fascism. How is it working out for you?

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Greek protesters storm the Acropolis (STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, Man! Have some Balls!) *LINK*
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