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Could Uncle Sam -- The DIPSTICK -- Be "Done In" By An OIL SLICK??? :O *LINK*

Like Greased Lightnin'... long to the sugar cane and rice fields in Louisiana if this Oil Slick keeps spreading and it's threatening not only the Environment, but to pull the plug on what's left of our ailing and rapidly failing Economy...

                      Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico Forecast For May 4, 2010...


NOAA: Approximate Oil Locations from May 1, 2010 to May 5, 2010 (including Forecast for May 6)


                   Louisiana’s Dread: From Wetland To Wasteland 

This is probably one of the biggest environmental disasters in American history, unfolding in slow motion before our eyes.

 — Leilani Münter, National Wildlife Federation ambassador


“From an environmental perspective, the wetlands around the mouth of the Mississippi River are especially sensitive to the oil spill because these are the breeding grounds of hundreds of species of aquatic life,” added LuAnn White, director of Louisiana's Tulane Center for Applied Environmental Public Health in an e-mail. “A massive oil spill could disrupt this food chain and life cycle of many species for years to come.”

The base of Louisiana's dense cane fields lies well below the water’s surface, making walking and boating equally impossible and creating an environment where oil would linger for years...


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Could Uncle Sam -- The DIPSTICK -- Be "Done In" By An OIL SLICK??? :O *LINK*
DEEPWATER HORIZON the rarely used name of the drill platform that was awarded for its high security standards. Somebody trying to trigger the New Madrid Fault Megaquake?
thx, so I'm not the only one asking 'deep water' questions across the 'horizon'. Owner is 'Transocean' located in ZUG Switzerland, tax evader paradise. Head Office in Geneva (United Nations Center)
You Got It!...and Maybe Something Worse than THAT...and with HORUS RISING from the DEEP???...a-huh a-huh... :O
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