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WWII Holo Survivor Event Canceled Amid Fraud Accusations - One out of many. Nothing new then. Shoa Business as usual.



A public presentation in Wausau by a man who claimed to have survived Auschwitz has been canceled as family members have come forward disputing the veracity of his story. [internal financial disputes?]

Gunther Skaletz was scheduled to speak publicly Tuesday evening at Wausau East High School, hosted by a Wausau group A Walk in Their Shoes. In a statement Monday morning, the group said it could not verify or confirm allegations that Skaletz was lying, but that it was canceling the event due to a "cloud of controversy."

Skaletz, who lives in Manitowoc and is a frequent speaker for schools, churches and other Wisconsin organizations, claimed in his book that he was sent to and later released from the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, conscripted by the German army and forced to fight the Soviets on the Western Front, then captured and sent to a Russian work camp, from which he escaped.

"aaahh ya!"

Wausau Daily Herald

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