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Apple, Google & Facebook Are Killing America? *LINK*

* I've heard some pretty bad things about the dangers of joining Facebook...and using all these Tweety Internet widgets & gadgets (?)...hmmm...but if they're "Killing America", maybe I should join Facebook...I've been told I have a Face that could SINK a thousand ships...    

Apple, Google & Facebook Are Killing America


I have something that needs to be said. I realize that it will be unpopular.

Here's the deal, guys. The three of you are ridiculously popular right now. Kudos, accolades, and high-fives all around! However, the problem is that you are becoming too popular. You're just not leaving scraps for anybody else to share the wealth.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not poo-pooing capitalism -- to the victor go the spoils. However, the three of you have changed the game and doomed the future of so many other companies. You know this. I know this. The problem is that folks in the video game, media, and general leisure industries -- and their investors -- don't realize this. Why is it up to me to tell them?

Everyone seems to think that an improving economy is going to raise all ships. But they don't realize that the three of you have shot holes in the hulls of sinking companies and gurgling sectors that just aren't going to surface when recovery sails in.

Let me speak to three of you, one at a time...





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