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Chem Trails with Dr. Castle and Dr. Scott
highly recommend that all tune in to internet show "The Story Behind the Story" tomorrow,  Friday, April 29th.
Dr. Michael Castle, PhD will be guest host and has invited Dr. Gwen Scott, PhD to be his guest on from noon-2:00pm. MDT.  I've posted info on each of them below.  Share and forward this with your friends and family.

Michael Castle has specialized in Environmental Investigations and Research of American-Canadian and Global Air Contamination operations frequently referred to as ChemTrails…Lines in the Sky, Aerosolized Heavy metals particulates, other Class poisons, toxins, including known Human carcinogens and an infesting genetically-mutated fungal form graft with a self-replicating  Nano-technology that infests all Life Forms.  For the past 10 years Michael Castle has investigated this toxic criminal activity and consequently written numerous whitepapers that attempt to expose the specific toxicities of these air released chemicals and agents and the methodologies used thereof.  The paper, entitled:  The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth, An Environmental Overview was written in 2003.  The companion Document is a proposed Draft Law written by Dr. Castle entitled:  The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act 2008.  The only proposed Law written that would immediately halt all spraying of Chemicals or other agents into the Breathable Air Column above the United States and Canada, or an International Treatise.


Mr. Castle’s background is an Industrial Polymer Chemist going back 40 years.  Residing somewhere in the Midwest, Michael Castle has been on numerous Radio Talk and Shortwave, Satellite and Internet accessible Programs, with international connections to similar criminal activities being investigated in other Countries;


Dr. Castle’s e mail address is 



Gwen Scott, N.D., has offered the results of many years of dedication and research, to help us fight back, for our health and our lives.
Below are excerpts from the introduction, and a link, to her article:
Morgellons Syndrome / Chemtrail Illness Protocol
These are perilous times for human beings and all living things. Our air supply is a toxic soup because of Chemtrails. Heavy metals, biological pathogens, “fibers”, polymers, and other dangerous materials are being sprayed everyday, all around the planet. The materials are fine particulates and are easily breathed in. Once in the body, they become systemic in less than a minute....
I offer this work to EVERYONE. It should be copied, shared, and distributed. However, it is not for profit by ANYONE. It represents ten years of pro-bono work on my part in behalf of humanity. I gave it my mind, body, and spirit. These times call for us to leave greed and self-interest by the side of the road. All life, as we know it, is calling to those who hear....
It is my hope that some bright minds out there will add to this, learn from it, and freely present their own understandings in the same manner. It is only by unselfish cooperation that man can hope to overcome these assaults....

"My goal is to empower all people to achieve optimum health.  Using thirty years of observations, education, and scientific research in natural medicines, I share recommendations that are easily understood, affordable, and available.  To date, I have been blessed to work with over 30,000 people."

                                                                        Dr. Gwen Scott, N.D.

Dr. Scott was a television news anchor for over thirty years. She co-anchored "The International Hour" on CNN and received a Gold Medal from the International Film and Television Festival for her work. Dr. Scott also studied natural medicine throughout her life with healers in the Native American, African American, Spanish, Asian, and Eastern Indian communities. She was degreed Naturopathic Doctor from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, AL. 


Dr. Scott's passion for natural medicine began in a very personal way.  In her twenties she was extremely ill.  After seven surgeries and many drugs she was still failing.

A friend offered to take her to see Chief Two Trees, the head medicine man of the Cherokee People.  Three months later, Dr. Scott was completely well with the use of natural herbs, diet, and supplements.  Since that time, Dr. Scott has been dedicated to learning all she can about natural medicine--both formally and informally.

  • Dr. Scott is a Master Herbalist
  •  Dr. Scott also studied with the prominent alternative medicine practitioner, Dr. Deepak Chopra.  He is well known for his books, lectures, and television program.  Dr. Chopra teaches whole body health with Easter Indian medicine (Ayurvedic).
  •  Dr. Scott has also studied with traditional healer in the Spanish and Native American communities.  For the past seven years she has lived on a Native American pueblo outside of Santa Fe , NM
  •  In 2002 Dr. Scott was awarded her degree as a Naturopathic Doctor from Clayton College of Natural Health ( Birmingham , AL.)
  •  For three years Dr. Scott presented natural medicine reports on the CBS station in Albuquerque , NM .  Her reports aired three times a week and once a week she appeared on the Noon Newscast for live call-in questions.
  • For 15 years, Dr. Scott wrote a syndicated health column, The Herb Doctor, focusing on Natural Remedies.

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