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Please support this org as this oil spill is the largest that has EVER happened..these people are the experts and have routinely risked their lives to go out to stormy SEAS anywhere around the world to treat animals affected by oil spills. They fly out on a days would not believe the dedication of this entire team and the hours they work. They have actually worked in conjunction to the oil companies and have worked hard at fostering relations with all of the major oil companies so are now actually funded by oil companies due to how successful they have been at spills rescuing the wildlife. However, this spill is SOO large we all might need to take our turn and go physically go out and help out at the shore line, seriously....this could affect the shores from Florida to California for years to come...this is a great site to check for info on how to help and updates on their progress.... and things you can do if you cannot physically go there. However, when I was in the fires I had friends who only lived 40 minutes away clueless to the aftermath of what you go through when your place burns down to the ground and then other friends whom actually showed up in work clothes...masks, gloves ready to help with the awful task of going through all of the blackened burned ruins. This is what this is going to take. We are all going to have to leave our computers and physically go out and help. WE HAVE BEEN SCREWED BIG TIME by whomever did this one to us! They can take all of our money try and kill us with swine flu but now they have really made me mad messing with our birds, our shorelines our oceans...OUR SEA TURTLES. This is warfare and I am going to come up with that word that makes all those nasty reptilians valances drop and reveal their ugly selves to the world so we can erase them from existence. They have pushed me too far!!! Now I am the TNT MAD DOG!!

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