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"Alignment, Resonance and Rapport: A Sacred Task", by Maureen Moss *LINK* *PIC*

"Alignment, Resonance and Rapport: A Sacred Task", by Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well, and I pray you are pouring love and blessings into our Beloved Mother Earth as she continues to shake and convulse her way back to her Original and Divine Blueprint. Her almost ceaseless activity is the only way in which she is able to shake off more than a reported 30 billion implants, that have infiltrated her during the 'time of humanities great illusion' and to fully re-form her crystalline energy grid in a non-duality, non-polarity firmament. This evolutionary progression is causing her as much discomfort and discord as it is causing us.

The number of actual earthquakes wracking the body of our Divine Mother Earth, not reported, is astounding in any given week (upwards of 3,500), as are the Solar Flares that are wreaking havoc, accounting for our emotional body flare-ups, brain fog, fatigue, nerve and endocrine disorders, sudden highs and lows, and other physical maladies. (Divine Mother/Divine Mirror.)

Part of the brain fog is the recalibration of the left and right hemispheres of our brain, necessary to accommodate the higher vibrational crystalline beings that we are becoming. Our brain must be able to send our bodies new accelerated signals of higher consciousness enabling us to become what we have long been destined to become, Illumined Gods in a human form, fully capable of traversing multidimensional life with ease and grace.

Previously our brains were implanted (like Mother Earth), manipulated and blocked, keeping us at polarized levels of consciousness, which in turn amplified humanity's victim and martyr consciousness. That is being changed, and requires your assistance.

New electrical energy is being ignited inside of our brains, and new neuro pathways are being opened (which was accelerated on March 20, 2010), that will help each of us see our old stories as useless and almost ridiculously inappropriate to Now life, prompting you to consciously bar them from your energy field and finally let them dissolve. The new electrical currents that first create confusion and disruption will ultimately reveal a clarity that will become the benchmark for the restored human. Soon our brain will only comprehend the Now as any form of reality, as we move into a timeless and infinite based reality.

Also, if you will notice when you have an emotional flare up, it is most often related to a belief system you (or your family) have long held... an inaccurate belief system. And yes, sometimes it appears to come from 'left field.' Don't judge it. Just notice. Every former, lingering belief system that has been held in the frequency of the third dimension is being challenged and will continue to be challenged until it reaches a zero point. At that point, as though by magic, you will be able to embrace and experience a different level of quantum perception. Your participation in letting every flare up be one of noticing, blessing and releasing will quicken your progress significantly. Self-compassion is vital.

With every tilt of Divine Mother Earth, our hearts are being tilted as well.
The crystalline, diamond heart has now become our true lens of perception for our authentic and Divine nature to emerge within the cosmic reality of One Mindedness. In other words we are being made ready to come fully into alignment, resonance and rapport with the innate wisdom of the One Mind of God, each and every time Mother Earth makes a quake.

Please know there is nothing random about where she shakes; she knows what she is doing. She has a plan and she's doing it for us as well as herself. She's not angry, as many have proclaimed. She loves us more than you might imagine. She is on a mission to ascend... so we can.

This act is an awesome and yet delicately orchestrated plan to align Earth with the Cosmos and humanity with God. It is a feat never before accomplished, however we are beginning to fathom the unfathomable now aren't we?

Little did we know, as we have gone through this human process, that we were being prepared, through every trial and tribulation, to hold the templates of the Christ Consciousness that would result in profound spiritual illumination never before experienced as a collective in human form. Never.

This is the day that St. Germain, when he took the form of Roger Bacon, had already long awaited. He said then (as he says now), "When humanity discovers their proper orbit as the planets have found theirs, at last all will move in harmony under the great impulse of a single creation....One Unity, One System, One Design."

During many a lifetime we have been on a singular trip to attempt to seek ourselves, never considering the whole picture of humanity, or our part in collaborating to lift and illuminate an entire species and a beloved Earth that has fallen over and over again.

In those days we traveled by ego on a never-ending quest to nowhere. Now we are on a voyage together, to a glorious new destiny, a new reality, traveling by heart and intuition, both of which carry the comprehension of the true process of life, which is Love. This lifetime we are on a journey to Love, shattering every former matrix that shadowed love at its every turn, primarily from within ourselves.

This time we will not fail. We will not. We will stand together as empowered souls standing in the Light, without shadow, and emit the Divinity within.

And this is why right now, we must be certain that every part of our life, every choice that we make, every relationship that we enter into, that we are in alignment, resonance and rapport with each of them. No exception. No excuses.

Look closely at your mind, your body, your work, your relationships, your plans and your residence. Are you in alignment, resonance and rapport with each? Are adjustments necessary? Adjustments are not judgments. They are shifts in consciousness allowing you greater ability to make this ascension more seamless for yourself.

These adjustments will make you more able to communicate and collaborate with ease and grace with God, your Soul, the Divine Mother Earth, the Stars, each other, and the Angelic and Galactic Realms. These adjustments are the way in which to reach a new plateau in your ascension and restore your power to influence your life in the most beneficial manner.

We are the ones that will change the future for every being coming to this Earth. Can you imagine that? We are the Ones chosen to anchor in the Divine Plan of Freedom, of Love, of Illumination, of Peace and of Joy. We are the Ones. We are the Ones that are being entrusted with codes that will change the human experience forever.

We are the Ones that will be free and the ones that will free each that comes after us, and that came before us, for WE will be the ones that dismantled every implant, trap and paradigm that kept humanity imprisoned since the beginning of time. WE ARE THE ONES THAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR to open the gateways to the Golden Age.

Now please ask yourself this question - what adjustments would be wise for you to make to be in alignment, resonance and rapport with every aspect of your life?

Perhaps this invocation for this sacred task will be of service to you.

From The Light of the Mother/Father God That I Am, and from The Power and the Love of the Mother/Father God That I Am, I call forth all of the highest Beings of pure Love and Light from this unto the 12th Dimension to be present with me now.

I call forth Creator Source. I call forth my Higher Self. I call forth the Divine Mother. I call forth Lord Metatron, Archangel Sandalphon, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Zadkiel. I call forth Lord Matreiya and St. Germain. I call forth the Light Beings from Arcturus, Sirius, Orion and Telos. I call in the Christ Light.

I ask and commit to working with you as you work with me to be in alignment, resonance and rapport with all aspects of my Creation on all planes of existence. I ask for assistance and empowerment to be in alignment, resonance and rapport with The One Mind of God.

In my stillness, away from distraction, I ask to be prepared to engage with the 12th dimension of Original Thought and the 11th dimension of Original Feeling, no longer bound by third dimensional thought or logic.

I call forth help and collaboration to assist me in dissolving all untruths, discrepancies and distortions that I hold about myself and all others. I devotionally commit to doing my part as you do yours to assist and empower me, through graceful experience, to make the leap in consciousness that assures my passage into the New World.

In this moment I ask you, Dear God, to further open my heart and mind, and direct my thoughts and words, as I become clearer about who I Am. I call upon Jeshua and Mary to help me clearly see the golden threads of my Oneness and love for all.

This invocation is spoken as a manner of love for all and for myself, and to link me with you to make the conditions of my life ripe for my transformation. I accept this power of transmutation.

And so it is with great love and deep respect that I say thank you in advance knowing my words have been heard, my heart stands behind my words and you are here.

I Am That I AM. I AM That I AM. And so it is. And so I let it be so.

Copyright Maureen Moss 2010. I ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a greater body of work.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go.

I hope you'll join our "Shape Shift Your Human Experience" Tele-Get-Together next month. Abundance, Manifestation and the demise of Victim and Martyr Consciousness are on the agenda, along with a powerful message from St. Germain. All details at http://www.worldpuja.org/shapeshift.php

Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss
President of The World Puja Network, LLC
E-Mail: Maureen@worldpuja.org
Or: Maureen@maureenmoss.com

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"Alignment, Resonance and Rapport: A Sacred Task", by Maureen Moss *LINK* *PIC*
Okay, understood. We need more brain changing chemtrails and silicon dioxide in our food to swing with the crystalline energy sing-sing? Divine Mother Earth? Ask the flood and earthquake victims?
I don't think you understood it at all. It really is something that must be felt. Where does the judgement come from? *NM*
... from my skeptical brain and mistrust for pagan worship of 'Mother' nature. Why mother and not father? Or both? Maybe SHIVA? Creator & Destroyer! Male+Female!
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