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Rumor Lady repeats since 6-6-6 that PEPSI are the good guys belonging to Faction Two (restricted RM counting ability thou) now comes DrLH's clip PEPSI = satanic. Ooops! Does this imply ... OMG :O

PEPSI as faction 2 being satanic suggests COKE faction 1 being organic?
Faction 3 maybe 'aerobic' and how about faction 4? Idiotic ... maybe?

At least Doctor H'witz got the wits helping to expose all the satanic horror around us. Nevertheless I prefer to make my own oxygen water and oxy-silver. Saves me money and I know how much is really inside.

As to be seen thru the RM glasses according to submissive rumor rules.


Coke & Pepsi

Tullahoma has an Air Force engineering and development center. It lies almost between Nashville and Chattanooga.
A Coca-Cola plant abuts the property and almost directly across hwy 55 from Coke is a Pepsi plant

Faction 1 and faction2 so close together to one another and both protected by US Air Force and its high tech engineering center? What might this imply?


F1+F2 = Coke+Pepsi

based on the definitions

FF (Final Fantasy) and CP (Cable Piece for marijuana)



methinks I can pull it straight now
but please excuse me, it's urgent

Would you help me if I got something wrong?

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