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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Birth Certificates

Interesting work you've done, I know that it took a lot of work and time researching. I hope others will read it because it is important piece of work that needs to be seen and throughly read. It should open eyes of people that are new to the elites game of deceit and destruction.

though I have two points to make/add ??

1) American government since 1933 IS nothing but a facade of our true government. it IS just a recievership corp. made to look like the real thing thus that should/could explain the arrogance in placing these non American born people in as President.

Also everything that each of them signed should be null and void. ???

2) Most if not all Presidents are bastard offspring of royalty and or directly bred from but hidden by their handlers, which also can explain the problems with the real 14th admendment being hid. I noticed years ago the arrogance about the politicos thinking, wanting,and expecting to be treated/ to be considered as American royality. Which if anyone other than those who already understand/are awake(smelling the shit for what it is ...shit) will noticed that ONLY those who the politicos decide should be in politics are let in...because it is a all in the family scam on the american people as in a hidden royalty control. and the other thing people need to understand is that it paralells exactly with hoolywood...ALL main promoted actors/actresses ARE related to each other they just get away with hiding the blood tie names using stage names....NO commoners are allowed in the cliche ! entertainment is fake just like the crap the goobers play in washington dc.

It IS all about elite'ism, by them, for them.

And because I know you dancer will read this....that is why all of them are put in to power...alien upsurpers with bastard royal bloodlines...err what they call royal these days because like the real Royals of russia they all/mostly been killed and replaced with fakes/wannabe todays even more inbred retarded scumbags.

makes one wonder what exactly they're hell bent reasons are for the dna research and the collecting /hoarding of family trees are really about by the mormons ?? I have a theory and it has to do with egyptian pharaohs errr priests errr masons Undecided



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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Birth Certificates
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