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I smell a turf! *LINK*

Firefighters knock down rooftop highrise blaze

A close-up view of the Thursday, April 29, 2010 Queen's Quay fire in its early stages.

A close-up view of the Thursday, April 29, 2010 Queen's Quay fire in its early stages.

Updated: Thu Apr. 29 2010 6:04:18 PM


Firefighters have largely knocked down a fire burning on the roof of a highrise building at 260 Queen's Quay West.

The fire was first reported shortly after 5 p.m.

Images from CTV News' helicopter initially showed about half the roof engaged, with thick black smoke and orange flames.

There were reports the smoke could be seen at Highway 407 and from St. Catharines, far to the south across Lake Ontario.

About 12 fire trucks and 50 firefighters responded to the blaze at the 30-storey building.

Capt. Mike Strapko told CTV News that at one point, the fire was escalated to a third-alarm fire.

At about 5:37 p.m., Strapko said firefighters were looking for hotspots and hidden pockets of fire.

There are no reports of injuries to either firefighters or civilians.

(Any one can see that the turf is burning!)

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I smell a turf! *LINK*
hmmm was there steaks on the barbi or surf on the table-dance'n ? :-0
It looks like TAR! Burns like kerosene. This building violated the 'Law Of 911'. Roof not melting it didn't fall into its own footprint. How anti anti aaah ... anti-NewYorkish? :D
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