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This INVASION by ILLEGALS and their crying 'n' whining is pissing me off *PIC*

This INVASION by ILLEGALS and their crying 'n' whining is pissing me off.What country in the world does NOT have border crossing requirements ?Other than europe, what countries don't have border check points that you MUST show ID and if the border enforcement demands open your veicles for inspects....for banned ITEMS ????What countries don't require Passports/visas to enter their countries ?Let's see , since the power-scumbags and their F'n flunkies the ALCU, AIPAC, SPLC, etc. and other misc. zionists pieces of shits control washington dc and are REFUSING to allow LEOs enforcement of immigration laws in America ...I wonder if the JEWS/zionist scumbags in snizrael allow anyone to cross their F'n borders anytime they want ?Hell NO they won't ! They'll shoot you in the frick'n back if they see or catch you, especially if you act like the mexicans do here and run like cockroaches !But yet these dual citizen Jews are F**king Americans and calling us Frick'n racists? call a jew a piece of shit and see how fast they try to slam anti semetic racist charges on you, like white attack a black they slam racism charges on ya, but yet let a black MURDER a white...NOT one frick'n charge against that black piece of shit like in Miss.Try sneaking across China's borders ? not the best idea if it belongs to North Korea, Which brings up another point in border protections that AMERICANS DO IN SOUTH KOREA ! how many north koreans sneak across that frink'n border HUH??? Supported by Americans no less ! But these pieces of shit zionist jews in washington dc refuse to man our borders ?F**K YOU Obama !F**K YOU ALCUF**K YOU SPLCALL of you are frink'n TRAITORS imo guilty of sedition.I'm sick and tried of the frick'n politially correct speech we're being force to abide by while the same time these scum suck'n maggots get away with TREASON !I'm sick of the zionist ass kissing POSs like I had to put up with at the Rumor kitty box by the head meowing bitch or her other sneaky buttplugged meow'rs....BS she was or is anti NNWO...she just another one of the several factional scam artists kow-towing to the zionist scum lords. the zionists have destroyed EVERY nation in the world THROUGH out history and have been kicked out of every one of those countries for acts of treason, acts of sedition, all around acts of war against the people of every country in the world they ever infested in.It's high time to call a spade a spade and toss these zionist ass kissers and their ALL of the zionists bosses out of America and force them to go to their beloved homeland that they commit treasons for. It's about time they live with the choices they make, they want to support israel ? Fine, get the F**K out of America go back to israel and F**King STAY THERE don't call us we'll call you....not likely once we're rid you you terrorist scumbags !Oh and if you support illegals here...then start packing their bags too and take'em with ya....bye ! don't let the doors at the border slap ya in the ass on the way frick'n out either....step to it faster !And let's just get one thing clear too I'm not against LEGAL immigration by anybody regardless of color but, I am a bigot against CRIMINALS regardless of color / nationalities !If these illegals attack our country the LEO's better open up fire on them...this is a war started by the LaRaza type banditos and as a war the enemy maybe should be shot like in any other war if they shoot first or burn down cities.


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This INVASION by ILLEGALS and their crying 'n' whining is pissing me off *PIC*
for the past four years, Israel's Foreign Ministry has been creating an international cadre of Israeli and Jewish "cyber-warriors"
So it was another loved post eh ? another one hacked again here
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