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THE PLAN - YouTube - The Restore America Plan - Tim Turner *LINK*

I really hope everyone on my list will watch this and understand this is being done legally. The more people understand and live this the faster we can quietly restore america. This is for real, even if your talking heads on TV do not acknowledge it. Peaceful Revolution is an Idea whose time has finally come. Please make it viral...

  Hello Everyone, Our United States Of America is BACK!!!

The old UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the corporation, is out! ....And MUCH more GREAT news for America the FREE and the world will follow! Here's the latest on YouTube....


The Restore America Plan - Tim Turner 

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THE PLAN - YouTube - The Restore America Plan - Tim Turner *LINK*
This is what I have been trying to tell everyone on this board
14th passed, nothing like this happened, so what?
I'll have some of whatever he's smoking *NM*
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