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If they really LOL wanted to stop the drug cartels... they could very easily now


So.....let me be the first to suggest how.

Ahh now since we're in the new robot warrior world... with somewhere near a million robot war machines in the war theater in the middle east and obviously they are running at full steam making new ones...mexico ...or even usA can now put an end to this BS crap coming in from mexico....Put the damn Drone planes in the air that they are using in Afghanistan and paki land and light their asses up ! more cartel ! then take them down to Columbia and light up the cocaine makers !


but see they wouldn't do that no no can't have that the spoiled little pricks running the corporations and F'n goober scum wouldn't get their party dope any more...since they're the only one who can afford the dope these days it should be quite frick'n easy to bust the drug dealers and their users these days of non employment by the common peon...leaving only the rich to afford the dope...that if the scumbags in blue were really trying to stop the mule trains...LOL ya right ! what a bunch of BS that is .... LEO's busted the rich for dope LOL what a F'n joke they are...honor ? LOL integerity ? ROTFLMAO

And mexico trying to stop the cartels ??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL



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If they really LOL wanted to stop the drug cartels... they could very easily now
STOP EM? Hell, they're just starting to PROFIT. Insider Fraud is the BIG game in town! Are YOU In? *LINK*
I guess NOT ! Nor do I want to be a criminal errr satanist
well said and also: 'Smart Meters' use DSL Ethernet technology for total control via electric home gadgets. Remote Inhouse Spying made easy.
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