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the whiney about the anti-illegal alien Arizona law is imo race baiting

but here in Wisconsin,illinois, Alaska and a few other states I've been in a car when pulled over and confronted by LEO we're ALL asked for ID/DL and have to show it....yea, I know it's big  brother shit...but anywho, my point that is that if we have to, then to hell with  the mexican whiney crybabies errr race baiters, here they have to too either they're here legally or not and if they are illegals ... then it's too Frick'n bad they don't like it


What part of ILLEGAL doesn't anyone understand ???

Oh yea before anyone starts with human rights crap and targeting by race crap...tell me which countries around the world DO NOT have the same anti ILLEGAL rules/laws in hmmmm???

F%$* ! What happens to those that sneak, or try to, across the borders to mexico or Canada from the usA HUH ?????? 

First thing Arizona needs to do is arrest business owners who hire them ! Slap them with $10,000 for the first offence and add $5K for each time after that ! another words get caught the third time and the fine is $20,000, and if it is a big corporation....multiple each by X10 after the third offence shut their doors ! The only reason they keep hiring them is they work for slave wages which cut our American throats. time to hurt these corporate thieves where it counts and for the reasons they hire'em....MONEY=Greed !



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the whiney about the anti-illegal alien Arizona law is imo race baiting
ya 'no bro, as the US Gov Immigrant Lottery claims, the US of A needs more 'DIEversity' (npi), besides, picking the corps ... aaah isn't it 'anti-' ?
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