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For Moonshadow *LINK*

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Well I can see that *someone* has been tampering with the board again...
Obviously I have missed much of fluff that has been going on on this board, but know Moonshadow -I have enjoyed your posts, and rest assured ...
For Moonshadow *LINK*
Thank you very much for the 'Truth is Beauty' source. Great spirits there. Excellent comments, especially to the end. :) *PIC*
found funny but thoughtful comment to the Rufus clip (lo and behold) from "babymoondancer"
Trolls, moles, maggots, carpet-bagette, smagettes,....Hitler Plans to Troll Forums
ADHI is everywhere and causes all evil things. He hides in the closets, he dwells on Moon and Mars. He has a special 'Hit & Run' tactic, therefore called HIT-ler, ya 'no, like BUT-ler or WHIST-ler :D
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