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Well I can see that *someone* has been tampering with the board again... if I didn't know who...dropping Dancer's Reply from my post, What Does The Royal Society & The Vatican Have in Common?...and denying me the right to Respond, but that's okay, I'm Replying in a New Post before saying "Good-Bye" to TNT (then watch for the tampering to "mysteriously" go away). I was warned by a couple of people to stay off this board and now I can see the unmistakable similarity to another website where I was posting that tolerates very little being said against the Vatican or the Pope...only Jew-Hate is freely allowed...

To "Dancer"...

The whole world lives in a glass house.  It's the human condition.  When the Gnostic Samaritans finally 'See' their own 'Holy' self-appointed, self-anointed 'God' occupying the chair of Simon Magus as he continually holds up the broken body of Christ with the blood streaming down on his own hands as he wields his own brand of ritualistic sorcery over the world -- then and only then will I stop defending the loud, obnoxious, self-appointed, self-anointed 'chosen people' wielding the power of Usury to break the backs of the nations.

So WHO then has Enabled the loud, obnoxious Big-Nosed 'Chosen People' in the Quest for world domination using secrecy, sorcery and the power of the Knighthood?

And which is worse?  Spitting on Christ and denying His Deity as the only begotten Son of God OR using Him to bring more shame, degradation and revulsion upon the mere mention of His name to usher in the Luciferian NWO?

Paraphrasing a little from some Good Gnostic Samaritans who are at least Trying to grope their way out of the darkness:

From the Catholic perspective, Pope Benedict XVI has made it very clear that the Jewish version of the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed in gas chambers, must be believed by every Catholic or they’re not in communion with the ChurchThat makes the Holocaust an official ‘dogma’ of the Catholic FaithIt means that in the post-Vatican II Church, the “Shoah” has replaced the Crucifixion as the central event in history. Now, instead of the central tenet of the Catholic Faith being the murder of Jesus Christ by the Jews, the new central tenet refers to the murder of Jews by Christians.  It’s Christ vs. anti-Christ and we're ALL being forced to choose sides even if we're not Catholic or Jewish.  This enables the Jews to continue in spiritual blindness and sets the stage for the coming of the anti-Christ.  The Second Vatican Council has refused to condemn Communism, which was unleashed on the world by Jews, resulting in the genocide of millions of people, but has declared that anti-Semitism is a sin (without defining what constitutes anti-Semitism).

The Holocaust is Now Catholic Dogma

BTW, I personally have felt for the past several years that THE coming 'anti-Christ' will be a JEW -- installed through the Agency of the Vatican...

The Palestinians?  They started the literal rock-throwing (with suicide bombings) and were betrayed, cornered and victimized by their own little demented Masonic-Egyptian 'god' Yasser Arafat, setting them up for a CIA Mossad-created Hamas takeover, but the Rabble never cares for the facts and the truth remains obscured from the Palestinians themselves...ALL with Papal Blessings having been bestowed upon the head of the little demented homo 'god'...

It's not about imaginary glass houses.  It's about hypocrisy and clever deception with blood running in the streets so that the Big LIE can least the Devils we see make good's the Devils we don't see that will bring us down...


AMERICA...on a Crusade for the Simon Magus Church...financed by the 'Chosen People'?  Too bad the following song is sung by a homo (the whole world's gone 'homo' doncha know), but at least he got the words right...

GOING TO A TOWN ~ Rufus Wainwright



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Well I can see that *someone* has been tampering with the board again...
Obviously I have missed much of fluff that has been going on on this board, but know Moonshadow -I have enjoyed your posts, and rest assured ...
For Moonshadow *LINK*
Thank you very much for the 'Truth is Beauty' source. Great spirits there. Excellent comments, especially to the end. :) *PIC*
found funny but thoughtful comment to the Rufus clip (lo and behold) from "babymoondancer"
Trolls, moles, maggots, carpet-bagette, smagettes,....Hitler Plans to Troll Forums
ADHI is everywhere and causes all evil things. He hides in the closets, he dwells on Moon and Mars. He has a special 'Hit & Run' tactic, therefore called HIT-ler, ya 'no, like BUT-ler or WHIST-ler :D
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