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I'm going "Down the Road", but I don't know where.......... *LINK*

Have you missed this? No way! If you want to hear music from the lips of THE 'mind pending man of music', the guy on a lurid path of sound.... then Check it!

The Trip:

Coming to A Space Station Near You! "Defying Description"

/b] (From One person who has broken the code)

Endorsement: "MAGNIFICENT! What a trip indeed. You begin where even sound fears treading, and yet the blend absconds with the senses and only gives you back when it's done with you. Now that's some impressive Sh#t!"
Donald Newsom
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  Check it out at CD Baby!
It might just get you from here to there!

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I'm going "Down the Road", but I don't know where.......... *LINK*
And just Who has the lips of THE 'mind PENDING man of music'? And why Am I so Allured to Meet Him?
hear here 'pending man' going down the road to nowhere bending to the other side of the moon
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