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What Does The Royal Society & The Vatican Have in Common? *LINK*

What Does The Royal Society & The Vatican Have In Common?

By Thomas R. Horn


The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

In January, The Royal Society, the national academy of science of the UK and the Commonwealth hosted representatives from NASA, the European Space Agency and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, during its 350th anniversary celebration. The event offered some dizzying intellects in the featured discussion, "The Detection Of Extraterrestrial Life and the Consequences for Science and Society." Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society and Astronomer Royal, announced that aliens may be "staring us in the face" in a form humans are unable to recognize. Other speakers used words like "overwhelming evidence" and "unprecedented proof" to signify how close we are to making irrefutable discovery of alien life. Some, like Simon Conway Morris, professor of evolutionary paleobiology at Cambridge University, worried that contact with these unknowns might not be a good thing. "Extra-terrestrials might not only resemble us but have our foibles, such as greed, violence and a tendency to exploit others' resources," he said. "And while aliens could come in peace they are quite as likely to be searching for somewhere to live, and to help themselves to water, minerals and fuel."

Vatican astronomers likewise weighed in on this question, "Are we alone in the Universe," and their top scholars hinted that discovery of alien life, including intelligent life, might be made in the near future. Father Jose Gabriel Funes in a long interview with the L'Osservatore Romano newspaper said there is a certain possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, and that such notion "doesn't contradict our faith." Another Vatican astronomer, Guy Consolmagno concluded that chances are better than not that mankind is facing a near-future discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence (Monsignor Corrado Balducci even went so far a few years ago to suggest that aliens were already interacting with earth and that some of the Vatican's leaders are aware of it).

"How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere," asked Funes. "Just as we consider earthly creatures as 'a brother,' and 'sister,' why should we not talk about an 'extraterrestrial brother'? It would still be part of creation."

Muslim and Jewish leaders joined Funes to say their religion could accommodate an ET reality, while a scholar for the Russian Orthodoxy excluded the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence...

The question of how the world's political and religious communities would respond if suddenly faced with visitors from beyond is something world religions and even the US Government has studied. Paul Davies of The Atlantic Monthly wrote in 2003 that the discovery of even a single bacterium somewhere beyond Earth could force mankind to revise its understanding of who we are and where we fit into the cosmic scheme of things. Davies speculated that such a find could throw the human race into a spiritual identity crisis that could leave some gasping for faith in God.

Evidently things have changed since 2003. Recent polls show a majority of people believe ET disclosure would not challenge their faith in God, findings supported by a study at the University of California, Berkeley in 2008. A Reuters Ipsos poll of 23,000 adults in 22 countries taken in April, 2010 found similar responses, adding that more than 40 percent of people from India and China believe aliens are already here and are walking among us disguised as humans...

But not everybody in the faith community agrees. Many conservative evangelicals in particular take a more suspicious view of aliens, stating that they could be demonic manifestations or play a role in a future great delusion that gives rise to the appearance of Antichrist...

In addition to extrasolar planet discovery or the sudden appearance of a UFO armada, some believe contact with alien intelligence could eventually happen as a result of man-made super technology that opens new dimensions or discovers parallel worlds. Sergio Bertolucci, a top scientist at CERN, surprised reporters for the British newspaper The Register recently by saying the Large Hadron Collider may create "an extra dimension" and that "out of this door might come something."

* Is official disclosure of alien contact near?
* Do world authorities know something about ET they are not telling us?
* Would aliens be friendly or hostile?
* What is panspermia?
* What is happening during alien abduction?
* Are angels or demons involved?

The answers to these questions are often unnerving as ex-government agents with above top-secret security clearance, world-famous field investigators, physicists and theologians peel back the truth behind a reality so astonishing the personal destiny of every man, woman and child could be impacted by its implications...


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What Does The Royal Society & The Vatican Have in Common? *LINK*
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