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U.S. Army War College Report Says 2nd Coming of Christ is a Threat to World Peace! *PICS* *LINK*




 You got that Christians?!  You and your God are a Threat to World Peace.  If Jesus Christ has any thoughts of coming back to earth again -- forget it!  The Pentagon and NATO are in charge of this ship and they got things well under control.  We can tell by all the Peace that abounds on the planet -- thanks to all those American troops, mercenaries and UN Peacekeepers scattered hither and yon -- that all is quiet on the Western front...Besides, a '2nd Coming' would throw a wrench into military plans for all those new exotic technologies coming online...not to mention, it would interfere with billions of Karmas...and a sudden appearance of Christ on the world scene like that could cause a massive drain of all our precious bodily fluids... can talk about UFOs, Alien Space Brothers, Global Warming and The Need for World Government, but stick your God in a can and sit on it...otherwise you'll be detained, incarcerated, tortured and executed...                                   



...but at least you'll know your Karma's kickin' in and all's right with the world...



                                Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! 





Second Coming of Christ Threat to World Peace According to War College Report


In a sixty-one page report that he prepared as a monograph for a  thesis at the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) and United States General Command and General Staff located at Leavenworth, Kansas, Major Brian L. Stuckert in no uncertain terms has declared that those who believe in “Dispensational Millennialism” (DM), i.e., the literal return of Jesus Christ to this earth to reign on His throne for 1,000 years, to be the enemies of America and totally unsuitable to serve in a leadership capacity in the U.S. military...



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