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Morris Dees & the SPLC -- Moral Guardians of Our Time??? *LINK*

Morris Dees and the SPLC -- Moral Guardians of Our Time


Morris Dees, SPLC Founder: Molester of Step Children, Liar, Blackmailer, Wife-Beater, Sexual Pervert, Conman, Fraud and Scam -- But That’s Just What His Family and Friends Say about Him...

Morris Dees, founder of the “Southern Poverty Law Center” is a step child molester, liar, blackmailer, wife-beater, sexual pervert, conman, fraud and scam artist -- according to his ex-wife and work colleagues.

Dees, who specialises in making up lies and slander about any white person who does not want his or her country overrun by the Third World, has a long list of former associates and family members who have been only too happy to lift the lid on his allegedly perverse personality and behavior.

Consider the following extracts from his divorce papers (download the original PDF here), submitted by his ex-wife Maureene during their public court battle (of course, the obligatory legal qualifier: these are her allegations, not mine. But that sort of nicety has never stopped the SPLC from publishing details about other people, has it?):






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Morris Dees & the SPLC -- Moral Guardians of Our Time??? *LINK*
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