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CNN and SPLC Attempt to Demonize, Blackball Patriots *LINK* *PIC*

By Debbie Morgan, staff writer,

April 20, 2010 – The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and CNN have been busy demonizing “patriots” again.  In December, CNN slammed the “patriot movement” and distorted FEMA camp evidence.  The SPLC joined in the fun at the first of the year with their Spring 2010 Special Report publication.  In March, the SPLC reported that patriot and militia groups are “surging in number” and also took aim at public broadcasting station KBDI for airing the documentary, Camp FEMA, during its Winter fund drive.

It’s April and, lest a month go by without some mention of the nasty “patriots, the SPLC has issued a new publication, “Meet The Patriots.”  The newest fare from the SPLC is a list of active patriots, most of whom this writer knows at least something about.  The list is nearly a complete Who’s Who in the patriot community.  CNN has chimed in with its recent “Radical Right or Anger Against the Government” piece during Anderson Cooper’s 360°, speaking about a few members on “the list,” as well as taking yet another opportunity to disparage Camp FEMA.

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CNN and SPLC Attempt to Demonize, Blackball Patriots *LINK* *PIC*
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