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I think so.
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I think the U.S. and Europe *both* are controlled by Neo-Nazis.  The Communists have a lot of power and influence, but the Neo-Nazis have the edge, so WHY would the U.S. fight a war with Europe (Germany being the Head) since both are controlled by the same people?  The Russians are not stupid.  They don't trust Europe any more than they trust the U.S.  They will let no one control them -- not the U.S., not Europe and not China.  Israel, Iran and the whole Middle East are just pawns in the game, but through its usual devious strategy of Appeasement, Europe will sacrifice the U.S.  When the Pope said the U.N. needs "real teeth", he was really talking about NATO, because NATO without the U.S. is really the Paper Tiger of the World and no match for Russia.  China will stop Russia, because of the sheer numbers of its military ground troops as well as nuclear weapons -- and EUROPE -- being truly the "dark continent" with its British-French Masonic Black Nobility, its Black Pope and its Zionist money-grubbing Banking Mafia with their Alien/Reptilian/Nazi mentality and their Merovingian/Luciferian/Satanic bloodline will still be wandering the earth seeking fresh blood to suck and younger flesh to devour.  To the victor goes the spoils...too bad for the "Divine Righters"...they've sucked it dry...


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Then the SwineFlu Hoax, now the AshCloud NoFly Hoax. What's up next? The return of Mein Fuehrer from Base211 to his 121st anniversary? Or the foretold ET invasion?
now it's official on RT Max K. - the Ash Flu!
Volcano Ash Cloud Conspiracy; Photo of Alien Face and UFO *LINK*
I personally think that the Aliens.........
Are the WWII Allies still at war with the German Empire, in crypto-speak called Al-Qaeda, the Base?
You think so? *NM*
I think so.
Sorry, I cannot follow your thoughts, beliefs, interpretations. Not for serious and not for joking. It feels nightmarish and oppressive for me. It exceeds my comprehensive capabilities by far. *NM*
Icelandish: Eyjafjallajoekull spelled Ey-jaf-jalla-joe-kull = E-jacu-lation. Okay?
Icelandish: Almost as Cold as the "preying" Pope in Malta...Okay?
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