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an even more pleasant view brightened for you ;) *PIC*

black dog
discovered it today
this is pic 12 from Mossad Romania,
increased brightness reveals the hidden part

Penthesilea greeting her Blackie

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Who keeps screwing with the views? *NM*
Eyjafjallajokull must be too HOT to handle...Is it real or is it Memorex? *NM*
an even more pleasant view brightened for you ;) *PIC*
Which only goes to show... *PICS*
Frightening, the Black Underdog! 5770 years of Incest, Fornication and Sodomy? Too late for Plastic Surgery! :D
I seem to detect... *PICS* :D
YES LATIN, one of the roots of English. BullShit and Manure good fertilizers growing Plants Of Truth. Not all roads lead to Rome. Some go more eastward, ya know :D to Persia, India, the Holy Cows ;) *NM*
TimELord you are priceless! Getting 48 hits for *NM* No Message, I feel envy. :D How can I catch up with you? *NM*
So Dancer ... How many times would you like me to click on your "NM"? :D *NM*
Just watching Max and Stacy on RT talking about the desktop fraud button and Goldman Sucks high frequency software *PIC*
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