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A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler by Jonathan Zap *LINK* *PIC*

(Excerpt only...)

A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler
© 2003, 2008 Jonathan Zap


An Invitation to You, the Interdimensional Traveler

This invitation is extended to you, the Interdimensional Traveler. Do you still doubt that this is what you are? Do you still believe the lie that you are only a citizen, a consumer, a gendered role-player in the soap opera/horror story known as the Babylon Matrix? Or have you already glimpsed that you emerged at birth from another dimension, and hurtle inexorably toward the event horizon popularly known as death — the emergence into another dimension? If these poles of incarnation seem distant, then wait a few hours till darkness falls and you become tired, sleepy. Lie down on a mattress, futon or sleeping bag and wait… Wait for the portal that opens for you nearly every day when the waking nightmare of the Babylon Matrix dissolves and you emerge, whether you wish it or not, into the other guaranteed dimension of all mammal incarnation — the dreamtime…

  Self Portrait
   black and white photo of Parallel Journeys collage © Jonathan Zap

Do you bother to remember this other dimension of your incarnation, or is the Babylon Matrix enough for you? Remembered or not, the daily rhythm of interdimensional displacement is fundamental to your existence like the systole and diastole of your heart rhythm, and your incarnation must oscillate between waking matrix and dreamtime or else unravel into madness. Interdimensional traveling is more fundamental to your existence than your heartbeat, because one day your heart will stop beating, but you’ll still be an interdimensional traveler.

Proof that you are an Interdimensional Traveler

      And has no one ever told you the basic “facts of life” that to look into another’s eyes is to witness beacons from another dimension flashing across the night of time? Did you believe the Babylon Matrix lie that other entities were hottie objects with which you could have “casual sex” (dumbest of dumb oxymorons)? Didn’t you know that intimacy with the other is an impingement, an interpenetration, a merging of dimensions with consequences of cosmic proportions? Didn’t you realize that all relationship is interdimensional travel?

     And have you not heard the poet/songwriter who sang that, “He who’s not busy being born, is busy dying?”

   If you are passively, complacently adrift in the shifting tide of these dimensions then this invitation is not for you. If you are committed from the depths of your being to consciousness, non-harmfulness, compassion, empowered interdimensional travel and are busy being born, then this invitation is for you, an invitation to a secret room created by a fellow traveler. But before invitation, a question…


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