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Jesus Says: Buy General Motors!!! :O

Everybody knows Jesus would drive a Cadillac...No Econo-Cars for The King's Kids!!! General Motors decided to make a pulpit pit stop...


GM, Church Team Up To Convert Sales
Move Some Souls, Move Some Cars


In what organizers said was the first event of its kind in the area, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit teamed up Sunday with GM and the GM Minority Dealers Association to offer churchgoers a chance to test drive more than a dozen cars.

As congregants left the northwest side church at 1 p.m., Pastor Charles Adams said the idea of Ride and Drive was to demonstrate GM's commitment to minority causes, its employment of thousands of local African Americans and to encourage churchgoers to buy a new GM car.

"Americans now must support American-made products," Adams said outside the church with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, a longtime member. "We are encouraging our church members to take care of their community by buying locally. This is an ethical purpose that is beyond profit."

And beyond belief...


GM, Church Team Up To Convert Sales
Move Some Souls, Move Some Cars

Jesus Says: Buy General Motors



What planet am I on...?

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Jesus Says: Buy General Motors!!! :O
In G-d's Own Country you're obliged to buy what G-d's representatives recommend.
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