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My God I got it! The same holy ritual Virgin Monicka Lewdinsky was pleased to exercise 'down under' on Billy Boy Clinton? Magus Dei?

20th April 2010

Dedicated to all those who became victims
of the
perverted religiously endorsed child abusers

who by controlled mass media intentionally are
mildly and misleadingly circumscribed as paedophiles.

Mentally sane mothers and fathers are always 'paedophiles'
that is friends and lovers of their own offsprings whereas
the sick perverted new-speak promoters mis-use a neutral exact term
to slander this natural habitude and to cover the real thing:

Sexist Child Abuse

Was Sigismund Shlomo right after all? Or was he a tool for deception?
Sorts of drug dealer who switched from chemical narcotics to sexism?

Useful Intern Monicka Lewdinsky Chosen for the Internal Ritual aka Rite-you-all?

The Catholick Church developped role models for Sex Rituals in high places?

The Lewdinsky Effect?

Seven Hills in Rome symbolically united with Seven Arms of Menorah?


by way of seven


seven above six

You alway get told that freemasonry is a phallic sex cult in its core.
Obviously only half of the truth.

What do the cupolas of the domes of power look alike?
Female breasts? Right?

Are cupolas the big attractive symbols
for the neurotic suckers in high places?
Especially for those who came in as poor babies that were abandoned by their desperate gentile mothers who had been victimized, raped, sodomized in chosen households by some carpet beggars, money changers, drovers, swine dealers and mossad agents?
The crossbred babies were gratefully accepted by the Catholick Church via anonymous drop-off-zones. How convenient an arrangement.
This way they always get plenty of replenishment to raise up depraved neurotic cock suckers who are fed with sperm for milk.
This way the Catholick Sucker Sacramentos sustain their army of demolished souls and false jesus-followers aka jesuits
who are subliminally craving in vain all their life span for the pleasures of a naturally animated and nourished mammalian baby?

Doesn't the strange kippa of the Poppa, of the Cardinals, the Bishops, the Muftis and the Rabbis
represent a donghead, a breast and also symbolize circumcision?

Clownery by Masquerade?

Did secret agent Sigismondo miss the real point and look the other way?

Cupolation in place of Copulation?


has it all

ROMA-nia in contrast to AMOR-ian

you can view more pics if you change the numbers at directory level
from /F001.jpg to /F002.jpg up to /F020.jpg

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They are so smart, aren't they?

Zionism was invented by Herzl in Basel?
Wrong! It's much much older!
Way back 6000 years to
Ancient Baby-Lone

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My God I got it! The same holy ritual Virgin Monicka Lewdinsky was pleased to exercise 'down under' on Billy Boy Clinton? Magus Dei?
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