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Recommended read for stubborn truthseekers: POLISH PLANE CRASH 4-11-10 by Gnostic Liberation Front *PIC*

buried now but not in my mind

SNIP [highlights and bracket add-ons by me]

A plane crash in Smolensk has killed the Polish president Lech Kaczynski, his wife, top general head of the central bank and many other top officials, some sources claim 132 deaths. [later on reduced to 96 that means 36 secret service on board? Or a hidden hint to 666 (1+3+2=6 36=6x6) the BEAST in Brussels?]

The fact that so many top officials were on one plane itself shows a sinister objective. [!!!]

It’s a rule of the game that whenever so many officials are put together on one flight, that a tragedy is being planned. [are these high officials too stupid or too anxious to raise questions or refuse to take part?]

The rules changed as Winston Churchill used this exact scenario to kill the King's brother the Duke of Kent who was on the verge of a private peace with Hitler’s Germany and so had to be killed off in a plane crash. The investigative journalist Frank Nancarrow said Rudolph Hess was on this same flight, and the man in Spandau an imposter [=puppet].

We saw this again with the American pressure to solve the Irish problem, when a helicopter crashed killing all 29 top intelligence operatives on board all with huge experience on IRA subversion, just prior to the implementation of the Irish peace process.

[Think of the murder of Rabin in Israel. He truly wanted peace!]

[More incidents could be added, for example plane crash with high officials near Sarajevo 'just-in-time']

Poland was one of the East European hosts of the US missile defense shield program, a military action condemned by Russia, which follows on from the collapse of the US backed government of Kyrgystan, and the war on Georgia which had US backing and Israeli trained insurgents.

Poland’s autonomy was the excuse used by Churchill and the international bankers for Britain’s entry into W.W. II but at the wars end we left it to [openly Communist(Zionist) until 1989] Russia to rape and exploit.

The US defense policy prior to the crash was that Poland must be drawn away from the Soviet orbit, so wanted Poland in the EU, this has meant whole towns in Britain have been taken over by the huge mass of workers, including large numbers of Russian Intel officers on forged polish passports, and many shops and factories now speak no English, and many British people now are unemployed as government in initiatives are geared for Polish workers only.

Part of this was EU support for the polish currency problems with the Zloty. The N.W.O plan is for an expanded Europe, exactly what Hitler called the Haushofer plan. [never heard of this, doubtful?]

But feelings are running high in and many are saying if we are being pushed into this European union we don’t want, then we don’t need US military bases on our soil, these were promised for the duration of W W II, then extended for the cold war, and are now as much an unwanted occupation as the armies of Polish workers.
[exactly the same with Germany]

So who killed these Polish elite? The CIA have a long history of plane crashes and President De Gaulle of France refused to fly in any US or British planes as this was so well known. [non-conform Polish in exile Sikorski should have listened to De Gaulle]

Or was it the Russians? What is most interesting is the President Putin has asked the pro-Russia ally Bronislaw Komorowski to take over the running of the country. [never heard of this, doubtful?]

T Stokes London [who is he?]

With thanks to Ivan Lukaszewski [who is he?] and Russian mafia contacts [Russian Mafia = Jewish Mafia?]

Oleg Penkovsky [who is he?]

Oleg Lyalin [who is he?]

strange source:

Did the Tupolev 154 crash upside down on its back and was torn apart this way? All wheels extended? Salto mortale? A nose dive at 40°?

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Recommended read for stubborn truthseekers: POLISH PLANE CRASH 4-11-10 by Gnostic Liberation Front *PIC*
I'm Sure the Pope Sent His Condolences to the People of Poland...and Possibly a Gift?...
My God I got it! The same holy ritual Virgin Monicka Lewdinsky was pleased to exercise 'down under' on Billy Boy Clinton? Magus Dei?
WOW... okay, now i'm enlightened AND Horny! *LINK* *PIC*
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