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Red Skies Over the Republic ~ Welcome to The United Socialist States of America *PICS* *LINK*

What can be compared to the Insanity ruling the world today, especially as it is manifested in the U.S. as the Global Circus Maximus?

Pychobabble 101 (as laid out by Sigmund Freud, Jewish-Austrian neurologist): 

Siggy seemed to be obsessed with the idea that the problems of the world were centered around males being jerked off the maternal tit too soon -- leaving them with an 'Oedipus Complex'.  Being Jewish, he may have hit on part of the problem with the Zionists (besides Love of Money)...but then the Holy Roman Empire -- being so Charitable -- decided to help -- by stepping in with a little 'Lambda Love' of its own to soothe the savage beast (who was denied the breast)...


Maybe America got cut off from Mother England too soon and Virtual Christianity stepping in to save the day didn't work so well...





By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.


The tragic death of Polish president Lech Kaczynski as a result of a crash of the airliner on which he was a passenger was linked to an historic event that will live forever in infamy in the minds of righteous people and in the hearts of a Polish people who were so unfortunate as to occupy, as a nation, a geographic position between two despotic empires of deep and despicable immorality and evilness...

Though George Walker Bush was not able during his tenure to bring to fruition his dreams of a North American Union or a one-world order - the thousand points of lights escaped him as they had his father - he did a magnificent job of laying the groundwork for the megalomaniacal despot now in power. The eight years of the Bush administration ushered in the age of a new American dictator as surely as the Weimar Republic (Deutsches Reich) paved the way for the morally stunted Hitler who laid to waste almost the entirety of Europe and very nearly brought the world to the unfettered depraved demonic dominance of the prince of darkness.

In many ways Barack Obama displays the signs and symptoms of the peculiar dementia that had gripped many of the historical demoniacally disposed despots who preceded him in this fallen world. What many perceive to be signs of insanity in these are in fact indicators of the character and attributes of Satan the father of sin and deception and pretender to the throne of Christ. It is in fact the persona of Satan that dramatizes the human face of a long line of despotic tyrants, and that includes Barack Obama.

What these sons of Satan always exhibit is a desire to be worshipped and revered as the messiah or savior of mankind. Adolph Hitler and Barack Obama share many of the traits that mark one as an antichrist or agent of the devil. Hitler visualized himself as the savior of Germany and as the future savior of the world. Barack Obama has made it crystal clear in word, action, and deed that he believes himself to be the messiah. His belief is genuine and not facetious in nature, such is the depth of his disassociation from reality. Hitler did, as Obama does, affect strangely uncoordinated effeminate mannerisms. These are often embarrassing to behold by others, but seem to be physiological and not merely affectations. One can only conjecture as to the reason for this anomaly, but these sissy traits often cover treacherous minds...


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Red Skies Over the Republic ~ Welcome to The United Socialist States of America *PICS* *LINK*
Or maybe jewnighted states of Ummerika?
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