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Planetary Wake Up Call 2010 by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. *LINK* *PIC*

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Planetary Wake Up Call 2010

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

April 16, 2010


This special issue contains

[1] A summary of the major outer planetary alignments in 2010 and their impact. This will help you understand the intense energies that everyone is experiencing at this time. Remember - you are not alone, and you are not going crazy! You are experiencing some of the most profound transformational energies in decades. More information was given in the previous issues and more will follow in the next issues.

The potent and difficult square alignment of Saturn and Pluto colors our reality for over a year - between Oct 2009 and September 2010.

The most intense moments are June through August when Uranus and Jupiter in Aries join the party and form a cardinal cross - squaring Pluto and opposing Saturn.

[2] Touchstones for how to deal with, reap the benefits from and align with these powerful transformational forces.

[3] Recommendations for your daily Kundalini yoga practice (1) to set your inner context for the day, and (2) to align your body, mind and emotions with universal forces and your soul. A short Pranayama meditation recharges you for the day. It is also an antidote to depression and gives you the capacity and caliber to deal with life.


APRIL 6 - PLUTO went retrograde

APRIL 7 - SATURN still retrograde, moved back into Virgo where it stays until it re-enters Libra on July 21. SATURN is retrograde from January 13 until May 30.

APRIL 17 - MERCURY goes RETROGRADE and returns direct MAY 11.

MERCURY RETROGRADE increases Mercury's sojourn in Taurus to two months - April 2- June 9. This gives us plenty of time to rethink our priorities and to examine how the status of our self-worth influences our ability to receive.

APRIL 19 - CHIRON enters PISCES where it remains until 2019. Chiron was last in Pisces between 1960-69 - the Flower Power era!


MAY 13-14 - TAURUS NEW MOON at 6:06 PM PDT. (May 14 1:06 AM GMT)

JUPITER is in PISCES January 17-June 5 for 4 1/2 months and September 8-January 23, 2011 for another 4 ½ months.

JUPITER moves into ARIES JUNE 6 - SEPT 7 and again January 23 - June 5, 2011

MAY 27 - URANUS moves into ARIES through May 16, 2018 for 7 years.

Jupiter moves into Taurus June 5, 2011- June 11, 2012.

Neptune moves into Pisces April 5, 2011 for 14 years.

NOVEMBER 15, 2009 through August 2010 - SATURN in LIBRA and PLUTO in CAPRICORN form a square at 5 degrees of their respective signs. Saturn and Pluto are part of the cardinal cross forming in June when Jupiter and Uranus move into Aries.

JUNE 25-6 the Capricorn lunar full moon eclipse conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, opposing the Sun in Cancer, intensifying the cardinal cross. This is a very intense time!


2010 Is THE Year

For years astrologers have been anticipating the planetary alignments of 2010. Between October 2009 and September 2010 there is a rare pattern of outer planets (slow-moving) aligning at the early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.)

The months of June, July and August will be the most intense. During this time Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto form a T square, which means that they either square, oppose or conjunct each other.


In astrology squares and oppositions are called 'hard' aspects. 'Hard' can be translated as intense energies that demand change.

This means that inevitable transformation is the major theme. To interpret this energy in a positive way, we can think of these alignments creating gateways or openings through which change is actually possible.

We will feel both energized and challenged by these intense energies.


The important question is HOW we relate to and utilize these powerful forces. We can't turn down the intensity. We can however use these energies ? to be productive, ? to take special care of ourselves, ? to let go of old habits ? to take the opportunity to wake up and ? to enjoy participating more fully and consciously in our lives.


Both world events and our personal lives reflect the archetypical energies that are represented by the Planets, their zodiac signs and the nature of their interaction. This dynamic play sets the overall tone of our lives.

Astrological events are indicators that we can read to get clues about the energies that are affecting our personal and collective lives.

We feel the effects not because these far off planets are transmitting energy to our planet, but because the archetypical energies that they express live within us. The planets represent core aspects of life and the zodiac signs represent archetypical energies that express through all creation.


The interaction of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto is a potent combination that indicates that we are dealing with irresistible transformative forces.

The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) move slowly around the Sun, staying in a sign for long periods of time, which means that they can be used an indicators of generational or long-term influences in our personal and collective consciousness.

Uranus represents the need to freely express ourselves. This energy becomes disruptive when we feel restrained or controlled and unable to express what we feel is true.

Pluto represents our need to be authentic, honest and in integrity. When our view of the truth is distorted, Pluto makes us get real.

The essence of Pluto is deep healing through penetrating clarity. This evolutionary dynamic forces us to release old programming so that we can excel in our lives and connect deeply with our truth and pure soul essence.

Neptune represents our desire to connect with the Universal Force to overcome the pain of separation. Neptune and Pisces connect us to Divine Love.


Two opposing dynamics are challenging us. Keep in mind that although we are being confronted to change, we are finding that we can release the past without resistance.

[1] Pluto/Saturn Square

The Pluto/ Saturn square is deeply confrontive in nature. We are challenged to seriously examine our beliefs, our attitudes, our path and the direction of our lives.

We are in re-evaluation and reset mode.

We have to wake up to how the state of our consciousness determines how we co-create our lives. We have to take responsibility and change our attitudes, beliefs and strategies to be more in alignment with our truth.

Major themes are accountability, self-examination, and doing the inner work required to authentically shift our consciousness.

[2] Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction

Jupiter and Uranus offer (1) a counterpoint of hope, (2) opportunities for expansion, (3) awakening of creativity and (4) useful and exiting innovation. They encourage us (5) to be optimistic, (6) to believe in ourselves and (7) to tap our gifts and innate capacity to excel and succeed in life.

PLUS! CHIRON enters PISCES APRIL 19 where it remains until 2019. Chiron was last in Pisces between 1960-69 - the Flower Power era! Whatever harsh realities we have to deal with, Chiron in Pisces' Divine love medicine is going to be available for healing!

[3] Innovation and Resistance

Innovation and resistance, idealism and harsh reality, desire to move forward and inability to proceed - these are some of the ways that we can experience the current energies.

Every time we think we are moving forward, we seem to encounter some obstacle. The restrictive energy of Saturn and the penetrating, probing energy of Pluto seem to be crashing our party.

But this fight is taking place within us. We are getting in touch with obvious (Saturn) and unobvious (Pluto) restrictions in our own psyche that hold us back from moving forward and fully expressing our soul.

The degree of resistance and heaviness that we are encountering at this time can be exceptionally heavy.

Running through Mud

Saturn and Pluto are in 'go for it, initiating' cardinal signs, Libra and Capricorn.

Libra's main theme is relationships. Capricorn's main theme is 'Who am I in the world.' The combination of Saturn and Pluto energy can feel like trying to run through mud to reach our goal, with the requirement that we wash off the mud to get the gold. We are simultaneously excited and discouraged. Sometimes we feel like we are in a 'survival of the fittest' movie.

With every bold step, we have to wash off psychological, mental and physical muck. We run into walls of fear and doubt. We encounter the dragons of anger, disbelief and disappointment.

Check it out in your own life. Can you feel these two energies simultaneously impacting your reality and affecting your psyche? These two energies can make us manic/depressive.

Now is the time we must use our neutral mind to avoid dramatic mood swings. Practically we must learn to work with both energies so that we can maintain a sense of personal equilibrium while we engage in our inner awakening and pursue projects that are both realistic and innovative.


Since we are unlikely to experience relief from the pressure until the end of August, let's do our best to maximize the benefits and grow from the challenges that we face. We have several strategies to choose from.

[1] Denial and negation are two strategies that we use to 'protect' us from the truth. If we were able to see 'the whole truth and nothing but the truth' all at once, we would probably incinerate.

So the Universe, as expressed through the Saturn and Pluto archetypes, feeds us small doses at a time.

Nevertheless, these master teachers are relentless. No one gets a free lunch. We are all served platters of the truth, which we must deal with and digest in order to gain access to greater levels of peace, power, freedom and love. Denial of what is happening is going to be very hard or impossible.

[2] Resistance

If we resist, we are going to experience pain, serious discomfort and mental, emotional and physical suffering. We can feel like victims of forces beyond our control. In the end we will change, but not because we want to. Forced change is the most painful and often the result of physical trauma and life dramas.

[3] Motivation

The pressure can motivate us to find new ways of being and innovative ways of expressing our creative energy.

We can experience that there is support available to do things we always wanted to do and never could quite make happen.

[4] Alignment

If we align with these energies, they can be positive forces that help us (1) release the past, (2) support new beginnings and (3) propel us forward in our lives.

We can feel like we are riding a magnificent wave.

[5] Opportunities to Change and Grow

These energies can loosen the glue that has kept us trapped in unfulfilling mindsets, endeavors and relationships.

We can be pulled out of our stupor and wake up to what seems (and is) a new world and a new reality.

[6] Unleashing Our Potential and Creativity

Our potential and creativity can be unleashed in ways that we could not have previously imagined.

Our capacity to love, to serve, to create, to manifest and to engage fully in life is magnified beyond our expectations.

[7] Quantum Shifts

We can experience profound shifts in consciousness and a beautiful awakening of our heart and powers to love and heal.


[1] It is not a time to cling to the old. And it is not a time to be reckless or speculative.

[2] Take the high road - Realistic, practical, honest, transparent, in integrity, responsible.

[3] Enjoy the ride. Love yourself!

[4] Do your daily spiritual practice!!! This is imperative and gives you the edge to cope, to excel and to transform.


Choose any Kundalini yoga kriya that makes you feel good and gets you going in the morning. The Warm-up Exercise Set on page 14 of Relax and Renew is a simple set that you can do in a relative short period of time.

Pick any meditation to follow your deep relaxation. If you have a very limited time, at least chant 2-3 minutes of long Sat Nams or repeat your favorite mantra for 2-3 minutes.

Directives during Kriya and Meditation

[1] Self-awareness ME and ME -- after tune in

Direct your attention and energy to yourself, to your emotional body and inside.

This is my special time between ME and ME - personal me and soul me

Awaken your neutral mind.

Switch your conversation between your dual mind and your neutral mind -

between your personality and your soul.

LISTEN, FEEL - no opinion, pure energy, non-verbal

[2] The context for my life today

I am creating the space in which I want to live my life today,

I choose Love over fear. I choose trust over doubt.

I love myself no matter what happens.

I choose my truth. I choose love and compassion toward myself and others.

I choose my soul self over my perceived limitations.

[3] Alignment with Universal Forces

I relax and let my body, emotions and mind align with universal forces.

I release all resistance and let universal forces support me and wash away the past.

[4] Inner Work

Identify your inner conversation and negative self-talk.

Identify HOW you feel - anxious, afraid, sad, angry.

Find the experience of love inside yourself.

Go deeper until you find silence, peace, sweetness inside. IDENTIFY WITH IT. My soul is love!

Focus on and feel in your body the calm, loving essence of your soul.

Don't reach out. Instead to reach inside yourself for guidance, approval, acceptance and comfort and love!

Find the love you need inside. Let that soul experience reassure and love you.

Feel safe and happy being inside with yourself.

The meditation 'To Get Out of Depression and for the Capacity to Deal with Life, on page 135 of Relax and Renew accomplishes a lot in a very short period of time.

It totally recharges you, is an antidote to depression and builds a powerful pranic body.

The arms are straight out in front of your body and heart. Right fingers are in a fist. Left fingers are around the right fingers. Thumbs are pointed straight up. Maintain this position has you (1) inhale 5 seconds, (2) without holding exhale for 5 seconds, (3) hold the breath out for 15 seconds. Continue the cycle with powerful breathing for 3-5 minutes. You can work up to 11 minutes, but increase your time slowly. You can also work up to holding the breath for up to one minute.

To end, inhale deeply, pressurize the whole body, pull the locks. Exhale and relax. Go deep within to your space of love and peace. Anchor this feeling experience in your body. When you feel contained and content, complete with 3 long Sat Nams. Say your special prayer. You are ready to take your neutral heart-centered space into the world!

Have a loving and beautiful day! Sat Nam!



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