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BBS Dancer already gone green, magenta, yellow and red! *PIC*

Congratulations Douglas and Team,

from my Little Paradise at a distance of 9329 kilometers or 5797 miles or 5037 nautical miles.
I send you flower greetings, a strip with beautiful photos I made yesterday.
It was a bright day under a clear blue sky, no airplanes, no contrails, no chemtrails, birds singing, plants growing visibly, looking bigger and greener in the evening than in the morning.
If you are interested I'll keep you informed about the progress from time to time.
Maybe you can get a few inspirations?

Unfortunately the last winter was much colder than expected (global warming LOL) so that possibly all of the palm trees were fatally frozen when I left them outside for too late. But I got new seeds from Asia, the Himalayans. There they detected palm trees in far-flung valleys than can withstand temperatures as low as minus 26 degrees Celcius or minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tomorrow I'll water the seeds over night and then plant them in a small warm box. I'm really curious how they will grow.

Enjoy the wonders of nature!


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BBS Dancer already gone green, magenta, yellow and red! *PIC*
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