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Aries New Moon: April 14, 2010 View Chart by Barbara Hand Clow *LINK* *PIC*


Aries New Moon: April 14, 2010 View Chart

It is the New Moon in Aries, the final and most potent release of the great Arian harmonic that began during the Spring Equinox. The partnership of the Sun moving into Aries, and then the Moon coming to the Sun afterward during the New Moon, is a subtle dance of male solar power uniting with intuitive feminine release. Much has occurred since the Sun went into Aries over three weeks ago, so I will encapsulate some of the issues highlighted in the Equinox reading. Then we will see how the New Moon in Aries might deepen the processes that were released during the Spring Equinox.

The solar/lunar dance is especially intriguing this year because newly direct and heavily aspected Mars in Leo is the conductor of the Spring Equinox chart, and he has not been disappointing. It is uncommon for one planet to have four or five close aspects to it during a season or a new moon, so Mars really got my attention during the Spring Equinox: Mars sextiles both the Moon and Saturn, trines Mercury/Sun/Uranus, quincunxes Chiron/Neptune and also quincunxes Pluto. I noted that Mars was like a musician playing all the octaves (you might want to reread the Spring Equinox reading), which is why there has been so much action already. Now, during this New Moon, Saturn is the big player: Saturn is the head of a yod coming from Chiron/Neptune sextiling the New Moon, and Saturn squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. So, the energetic force of Mars during the Spring Equinox is settling down into a Saturnine crunch during the New Moon, a formative mode that will effectively keep all the action moving right along.

For the Spring Equinox reading, I looked at a few collective issues, and then I imagined how such an active, newly direct Mars would affect individuals. The Spring Equinox has a potent T-Square with Mercury/Sun/Uranus opposing Saturn forming a T-square to Pluto, which I thought would "rock the Petrine throne" and would shake up blocked energy in Israel and Afghanistan, especially entrenched American positions. This is exactly what is happening, especially since all the action with Mars is so speedy, which causes the Catholic Church to be in a panic, and the Israelis and Afghanis to be acting very irrationally. The Saturnine crunch during this New Moon guarantees that these great transformations are not going away.

The "Mars affect" peaked during the Libra Full Moon on March 29/30, when many of you found yourselves resolving some very deep old conflicts that you'd been avoiding since Mars went retrograde in December 2009. Some of you even tackled issues that go farther back in time. In the Spring Equinox reading, I noted that from these Mars positions you'd have "strength, will power, and a clear sense of direction," and that you'd be "emotionally stable while undertaking difficult things." Quite a few of you tackled something that was locking you up; you won your personal battle; and you are poised and ready to use more of your creativity. Now Saturn will mold these potentials into more complex forms, and how this works out will amaze you. We are finally moving beyond simple black-or-white dualism, a limiting and silly way of viewing the world.

Please take a few moments to reflect on what you were doing around the time of the Full Moon from about March 27 through April 2; this will help you to reflect on how you can use the powers of this extremely potent Aries New Moon. Who or what did you struggle with until you all found a resolution? I saw people bending their fixed ways when they were forced to hear the legitimate demands and needs of others. Opponents softened and just let go of their limiting mindsets that are strangling reality.

In terms of time acceleration, we are coming to the mid-point of Night Six of the Galactic Underworld on May 6. Thus, we are processing the events of around 10,000 BC of the Regional Underworld, AD 1400 of the National, and 1982 of the Planetary. [See The Mayan code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind by Clow.] Briefly, during the Night Six mid-points of these previous Underworlds, the weather and tectonic cataclysms were intensifying in the Regional; the Inquisition was poisoning the Church during the National; and in 1982, Reagan's neo-cons were stirring up Cold War hysteria in the American public. Regarding the Regional cataclysms that we are resonating with now, I see a rather ominous sign in this New Moon chart. The New Moon in 24 Aries exactly squares the January 14-15 solar eclipse in 25 Capricorn. This eclipse occurred right after the January 12 great quake in Haiti, which has been followed by constant quakes since then. The New Moon's square to the January eclipse would suggest more tectonic activity and more deep processing of the Regional cataclysms. Remember, by the laws of time acceleration, we are experiencing these previous Nights in new ways now, we are learning new things from them.

The New Moon in 24 Aries sextiles Chiron/Neptune in late Aquarius and sends spiritual intention right into reflective Saturn retrograde in Virgo-as Saturn sits at the head of the yod from Chiron/Neptune sextiling the New Moon. I have discussed yods over and over again in previous readings and showed how you can think of the head of the yod as the tip of a dousing rod, so I will not repeat it here. The Moon in Aries announces it is time to move forward with courage and trust, and its sextile to spiritual and mystical Chiron/Neptune means that our movement forward is meant to be spiritual and healing. This is a time to use your deepest knowing to transmute reality, which will enable you to utilize the formation power of Saturn in Virgo. Saturn just retrograded back into Virgo on April 7, and it will remain in this supportive and wise placement until July 21. You've already had a taste of Saturn's initial transit in Libra, which began in late October 2009. During this period, we've been pushing to balance, to make new agreements, to let go of old paths, which has been stressful. Well, enjoy these few months while Saturn is back in Virgo; take his wise counsel to heart once again. The yod to Saturn will push us to consolidate the enormous evolutionary leaps we've made, so that we can just take the high road from now on.

The steps we've been taking have been influencing the collective in positive ways. For example, the majority of people in the world have wanted the US to get out of Afghanistan for a long time. You probably do too. These desires are becoming public now that we see Afghani Premier Karzai saying it is time for the invasion to end. The US was extremely embarrassed when Karzai criticized the West for its conduct in Afghanistan on April 2, but I can see that he had to. [You might want to read Afghanistan's Untold Story by Fitzgerald and Gould.] The president of Kyrgyzstan was deposed by a popular uprising on April 7, which threatens a key US staging airbase in the region. The balances in the Middle East are shifting as the US modulates its role in Israel. In my world, the personal peacemaking and commitment to knowledge by each one of you is changing these black/white fields on the planet.

Mars in Leo is not heavily aspected the way he was during the Equinox, but remember that Mars will remain the conductor of forces throughout the spring. During the New Moon, Mars is in a very close quincunx to Pluto, which was exact on April 10 when a plane leaving Russia carrying the president of Poland plus key military, political, and church leaders crashed and all of them died. This quincunx should expose dark forces and bring them into the light, and so I wonder who crashed that plane! As this quincunx was applying on April 9, there were more revelations about Cardinal Ratzinger. The bishop of Oakland, California, John S. Cummins, urged Ratzinger in 1982 to defrock a blatant abuser cleric, Stephen Kiesle, but Ratiznger stalled the case until 1987. In my opinion, priestly sexual abuse is a systemic program that is used to harvest sexual energy from young children, like Satanic rituals. In some way, this pain and abuse feeds Catholic portals and systems. Like any covert system, somebody runs it from the top, and in this case it is the Vatican. So, perhaps these revelations during this formative quincunx will tear the roof off the Petrine throne?

The long-lasting Chiron/Neptune conjunction in late Aquarius has been driving us to heal our deepest interior wounds, which then releases the spiritual power of Neptune. This conjunction is one of the driving forces behind the revelation of religious abuses because people have found they can't hide the pain anymore. Also, the desire for Neptunian oneness was the reason people were in the Church in the first place, and the reason they sought closeness with holy clerics, the representatives of God. Now, a new level of radical exposure is coming when Chiron moves into Pisces on April 19. When Chiron is in Pisces, there is a crisis over connecting with universal oneness. Chiron was previously in Pisces during 1960-68, which created a huge wave of enlightenment that spawned the Summer of Love in San Francisco and the US civil rights movement. Many of us have not forgotten what that mystical oneness felt like. Before that, Chiron was in Pisces during 1910-18, and I think this earlier phase of the desire for enlightenment is really going to come back and haunt us now. A century ago, the world was filled with spiritualist movements such as mediumship and the theosophists, and then World War I caused a massive collapse of people's hope for a better world. Now, during the end of the Mayan Calendar, Chiron will be in Pisces inspiring humankind to create oneness, love, and peace for all beings. Carl Calleman's "oneness" celebration, Conscious Convergence on July 17/18, is an example of the kind of inspiration that is coming.

Chiron's movement into Pisces was very much amplified by the preparatory conjunctions of Chiron with Neptune during 2009-10, and it was greatly expanded by the triple conjunctions of Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune during 2009. Because of this dance in the sky, I think this transit of Chiron in Pisces will be much more potent than 1910-18 and 1960-68. Remember, Chiron is half-man and half-horse, so he represents the integration of our human and animal natures; religious abuse will wilt under such elemental balance. You will have your first taste of this energy during this lunation, so notice these deep yearnings for oneness and greet this feeling with joy and trust. Also, Jupiter in Pisces is widely conjunct Uranus in Pisces, so Jupiter will expand Uranian powers beginning in June. Before that, Jupiter opposes Saturn three times in May and August 2010, and then in March 2011. Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets, and they rule opposite forces-Jupiter rules expansion and Saturn rules contraction. In opposition, they squeeze the truth out of each other and move potential realities to greater levels; they enlarge our understanding of big issues. While Jupiter opposes Saturn, they square Pluto, which forces issues to the crisis level in the same way as the Spring Equinox T-square I described in my reading. I mention these coming transits because they are building now, and because they create an interesting backdrop to Chiron in Pisces. These are hard and stressful aspects during a time when we will be yearning for spiritual connection, and they are a great example of how the planets describe the coming enlightenment during the Calendar's end: we are going to accomplish something really wonderful and it will be terribly difficult.

Mercury is conjunct Venus in Taurus, which closely trines the Lunar North Node in Capricorn. This means there is a wonderful wise and feminine understanding of karmic paths during this lunation. We may easily see how themes in the past that are relevant now are influencing our deepest thoughts. We know much more about the past and its importance than we seem to admit, yet there is such wisdom from things that have already occurred. My favorite one these days is the war in Afghanistan: The American neo-cons, mostly led by Obama's mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, manipulated the Russians into invading Afghanistan because they knew the Russians could never win the war. They did it because they knew this war would destroy Russia, which is has. Now, the Americans are in Afghanistan, and the outcome will be exactly the same, so maybe Obama might want to consider this karmic path, since his own mentor is behind it all?

I left Saturn to the end because it is the key planet during this New Moon. Saturn is the top of a yod from the New Moon sextiling Chiron/Neptune, while Saturn opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. We are approaching the fourth Saturn-opposite-Uranus on April 26, and the fifth one will be July 26, 2010. These oppositions are destroying old structures and clearing the way for new creations. These last two Saturn/Uranus oppositions square Pluto, and this T-square in July has moved into Aries/Libra/Capricorn, called the Cardinal Crunch by many astrologers. The first Saturn/Uranus opposition was November 4, 2008, when Obama was elected, so Obama is orchestrating the needed changes. The economy also faltered during the early oppositions. So, here we go again April 26, when I expect the economy to become very nervous and risky. Maybe the real crash won't come until the fifth and last opposition in July when these planets are all in Cardinal signs, when people are very impatient and demanding. Meanwhile, since Obama took the energy of change during the first opposition of Saturn and Uranus but has not made good on his promises, watch for signs that Obama has to change his course and start to follow the public will around April 26. Of course, since Brzezinski still has great power in Elite circles, this will be very dangerous for him.

Letting the collective go, how can we as individuals utilize Saturn's structural force this month? These aspects signal that you will have great energy for overcoming obstacles and realizing your intentions. How are your Spring Equinox intentions coming along? Are you amazed by the firepower you've had these last three weeks, are you impressed with how you can create what you want? If so, then this closely focused Saturn aspect means that you really can achieve your ideals, especially if you make an alliance with spirit. This month is a great month to remember to ask spirit for what you need, and to assume you have all the help you need. You do, and you will probably accomplish a lot, and you will also be amazed by the exposures and revelations coming from the collective. Things are going to change, it is only a matter of how much any one of us resists-and that includes the American president and the Catholic pope.

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