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Current observations from Mount Nebo 4-19-2010 *LINK* *PIC*


Current observations from Mount Nebo
4/19/2010 by Robert Hitt

Food for thought
Sometimes the truth is laying around in little broken
fragments in plain sight

What of the Bonesmen and their lodge number 322


Many of the presidents of the last 100 years have been members of lodge 322. 
GW when asked what the number means refused to divulge the "secret".. As far as I know no one on the inside of 322 has revealed it.


 Bones 322 lodge is located in NEW HAVEN Conn.. (new heaven con?). curious things happen there?

that 1967 incident in New Haven resulted in the Doors song PEACE FROG.. one lines of the song goes..

 "Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleeding/Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind


Gann study breaks numbers down into zodiac degrees. 322 is 22 degrees of Aquarius.. humm.... days are numbers eh??   322 is the location of the sun every year on Feb. 11th 
Oddly yours truly Rhitt has his natal Pluto located at 22 degrees of Leo in an exact opposition to 22 Aquarius.. 


Some major knock down drag out political players have dates of birth within 24 hours of Feb 11th.. Palin.. Beck and Alex Jones. 
Palin and Beck have Sun Saturn Mars conjunctions there and Jones has a Sun Jupiter conjunction there.. Kind of CLEAR as to the type of persons they are eh? 
On Feb. 11th 2011 mars will be conjunct the sun.. OH!! .. seems that forces have been ramping up for this date in 2011 a while.. 

Take away 111 from 322 and it = 211. ...  take away the 1s from 322 and ya have 211? ..... illum in NOT I  (take away the ONES) .

 Of interest is the REAL Mayan calendar timing has Feb. 11th 2011 .. yes 211.. 2011 as a large shift date..(Google Calleman 
2/11/2011 is the start of the last and final evolutionary stage lasting 260 days to complete the underworld building process on October 28th 2011.  As of this writing we are in a rapid acceleration process moving towards a MAJOR change in how the world works that is due to appear on or near Feb. 11th 2011. 

As readers know I am postulating about the fact that the rate of maximum evolutionary acceleration arrives in a MOMENT ..unlimited change in no amount of time ...  the Mayan count pinpoints this date as just beyond the completion of the underworlds on 10/28/2011... that date falls on 11/11/11

Based on what I am aware of as of this time.. 
The last phase of the underworld process begins on Feb. 11th 2011 and lasts for 260 days. This period represents one order of magnitude of evolutionary change in only 260 days.
This phase has to do with conscious co creation. Conscious co creation is the interaction of our perceptive mind with the effect manifesting in the outside world ..(magic).
The 5th night crisis sub period period of this 260 day long phase starts in August 2011 and ends in September 2011.. yes the 9th month of the 11th year.

If I had a vested interest in the illum in NOT I plans????  I might see the evolutionary forces starting up in 2011 as the biggest threat of all time. After all what would happen if the peeps all of a sudden became aware that we are ALL CONSCIOUS CO CREATORS. And could finally see through the deceptions.. 


I've looked over Jordan and I have seen
Things are not what they seem.

What do you get for pretending the danger's not real?
Meek and obedient you follow the leader
Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes
Now things are really what they seem
No, this is no bad dream.

OK so what about the here and now in 2010?

Be VERY aware of events and incidents and shifts that occur on or around APRIL 19th 2010.. This is a HOT ANNIVERSARY DATE in history.. Waco . OKC.. 
The "illum in NOT I"  may be inclined to pull off a nasty .. The political situation here in the USA is very similar to what was going on in the UK in the days before the Live 8 concert in 2005.. The 77 tube incident wiped the entire political uprising right out of the consciousness of the peeps.

 Just sayin...

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