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Maybe the World Leaders were afraid of another big "kill-off"... any rate the Pope himself should have conducted the funeral Mass in Krakow, but he's so important he had to hide away in Malta -- protected by his Knights in shining armor because even HE can't wash the stain of Pedophilia off the Church or even his own robes...

As for -- Who inflates this 'military excercise balloon' and for what reason?  -- You'll have to ask NATO and the U.S. Air Forces in Europe those questions.  Maybe the exercises are not being conducted over your house or in your area -- Germany's a big country.  If they're trying to keep people from knowing about it, a less populated area would be more likely.

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There's NO Volcanic Ashes Fallout over Europe. And no panic in supermarkets. It's a HOAX!
BRILLIANT ARDENT 2010: Large Scale NATO Air Force Live Exercise Being Hosted By Germany...
There's no exercise activity around EUROCOM and AFRICOM headquarters! Even the annoying helicopter special unit is silent.
"Hosted by Germany"? Since when is an occupied, blackmailed country a 'host' to its oppressors?
It's official. Radio 10am: European Airspace Lockdown solely based on questionable computer simulation. How convenient for the Western Zio-Stooges not to attend the funeral service in Krakow today.
Maybe the World Leaders were afraid of another big "kill-off"...
Maybe Faction 3. Flying Saucers. Coming from Greenland and Antarctica to spend a Birthday Party? *NM*
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