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"Hosted by Germany"? Since when is an occupied, blackmailed country a 'host' to its oppressors?

Foul language? Foul play?

Continued slander and diversion
with 'chosen' terms and with 'chosen' content for 'chosen' interests?

It gets boring!

The Russians went totally out of Germany after 1989,
only some offices left near Berlin. How about US Military Forces?
Why does the Pentagon MIS-USE Germany as a base for its cruel warfare against civilians and hopelessly inferior countries on the Eurasian continent?

"hosted by Germany"

The purpose sanctifies the means?

BTW the slander against Russia backfired already, the whole decapitation exercise was a murderous barrel burst, damp squib, non-starter!

Poland and Russia move closer to one another and Germany will join in
when the handpicked pentagon stooges are kicked out. Wait and see!

World events can take an unexpected sudden turnaround as with the re-unification of Germany in 1989. Time will tell!

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There's NO Volcanic Ashes Fallout over Europe. And no panic in supermarkets. It's a HOAX!
BRILLIANT ARDENT 2010: Large Scale NATO Air Force Live Exercise Being Hosted By Germany...
There's no exercise activity around EUROCOM and AFRICOM headquarters! Even the annoying helicopter special unit is silent.
"Hosted by Germany"? Since when is an occupied, blackmailed country a 'host' to its oppressors?
It's official. Radio 10am: European Airspace Lockdown solely based on questionable computer simulation. How convenient for the Western Zio-Stooges not to attend the funeral service in Krakow today.
Maybe the World Leaders were afraid of another big "kill-off"...
Maybe Faction 3. Flying Saucers. Coming from Greenland and Antarctica to spend a Birthday Party? *NM*
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