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There's no exercise activity around EUROCOM and AFRICOM headquarters! Even the annoying helicopter special unit is silent.

US Military Exercise?
Just another bubble of hot air to distract from the most obvious.

Why would they need the whole airspace of Germany and/or half of Europe to simulate an attack on Iran? Isn't Iran already encircled from land- and seaside close to its borders? Don't the warmongers have stealth submarines in the Persian(!) Gulf and in the Indian Ocean? Isn't the effect of surprise (Blitzkrieg) the most promising way to succeed for aggressors?

Besides, the constant 24/7/365 imminent-attack-on-Iran scenario is in the best interest of ..... Israel! Crying: Help! Help! Need more weapons. More money. Higher walls. More exemptions from civil rules and human ethics. Ahmadinejad's announcements of new and improved missiles and better enrichment facilities always just-in-time. Mahdi as Molech's best helper? You can bet on it! Think of New York meeting with Cha-bad Luba-witchers posing as benevolant righteous chosen.

What could be simulated in European air space? The perverted murderous 'shock and awe' scenario from March 20 in 2003 when thousands of cruise missiles rained down on the Iraqian Cities hailed by Israel and the double-citizens in US Pentagon and zio-media?
1 million dead Iraqis, bitch Albright proclaiming: "The price was worth it!"

Would the USrael satanists 'bomb bomb bomb Iran' starting with a big cargo-lift from Central Europe? Don't they have a stockpile of deadly weapons in huge Bond Steel Barracks near Pristina, Kosovo and in Romania and in Turkey and in Israel and in Kyrgystan and in Afghanistan and in Diego Garcia and in Qatar and in Iraq?

Who inflates this 'military excercise balloon' and for what reason?

Light on. Blinkers off. Brain in. Truth out.

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There's NO Volcanic Ashes Fallout over Europe. And no panic in supermarkets. It's a HOAX!
BRILLIANT ARDENT 2010: Large Scale NATO Air Force Live Exercise Being Hosted By Germany...
There's no exercise activity around EUROCOM and AFRICOM headquarters! Even the annoying helicopter special unit is silent.
"Hosted by Germany"? Since when is an occupied, blackmailed country a 'host' to its oppressors?
It's official. Radio 10am: European Airspace Lockdown solely based on questionable computer simulation. How convenient for the Western Zio-Stooges not to attend the funeral service in Krakow today.
Maybe the World Leaders were afraid of another big "kill-off"...
Maybe Faction 3. Flying Saucers. Coming from Greenland and Antarctica to spend a Birthday Party? *NM*
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