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China Sells Petrol to Iran While Talking at U.N. About Sanctions *LINK*

Does anyone really believe that Iran doesn't already possess nuclear weapons?  IMO all this talk about U.N. sanctions against Iran is TPTB buying a little more time to get their ducks in a row for whatever they have planned...


                                                                   We're the Ducks...



                                                                  U.N. Security Council                                    



          China Sells Petrol to Iran While Talking at UN About Sanctions 


China has deepened economic ties with Iran, boosting direct sales of petrol to the Islamic republic as the Chinese government negotiates new sanctions at the UN security council, it has emerged...

China has argued that the issue is not as urgent as Washington claims, and that there is still time for diplomacy...

Iran-China trade has more than doubled to about $30 billion (£19.38m) over the past decade, fuelling Chinese reluctance to agree to sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear programme.

Beijing has agreed to discuss a possible sanctions resolution, but has insisted — with Moscow — that any measures are confined to Iran’s nuclear sector, and do not cause wider economic damage.

The five permanent members of the security council — the US, China, Russia, Britain and France — discussed draft sanctions yesterday with Germany, which has also played a leading role in negotiations with Tehran.

Another senior US official, William Burns, said that it would be “very difficult” to convince China and Russia to agree to a ban on refined fuel sales...



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