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Senator John Glen Spills the Beans on "Frasier" regarding UFO's *LINK*

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If you think Disclosure is never going to happen, you may be sorely mistaken.

True -- we received credible insider testimony describing a potential time window that came and went without incident. That does not mean that the game is over.


It was some time ago, in a pre-9/11 world, that John Glenn appeared on Frasier -- where a stunning disclosure announcement was embedded into light television comedy, oversaturated with laugh tracks.

It came out on March 6, 2001, well before the YouTube days. Jeff Rense published my transcript of it the very next day. For years I was unable to find any trace of this video online to prove it really happened -- until now:

Notice that the argument between Frasier and Roz, the woman hosting the radio show, might not be mere 'filler'. It is possible that their argument is intended to be a metaphorical statement of the battle that has gone on behind the scenes about UFOs.

If you really want to push the envelope into la-la land, (and why the heck not,) it could even be that they chose this character for Frasier to argue with because her name reminds you of "ROZ-well."


If you pay attention to what the characters actually say, and look for double meanings, they are not hard to find.

Frasier represents Majestic, the author of the cover-up, and Roz apparently represents "White Hat" insider factions who have wanted the truth out -- such as Roswell witnesses -- but can 'come clean' once the disclosure finally is announced. Here are the highlights:

At 0:17, Frasier says, "You have to admit this is sort of a once-in-a-lifetime thing." This could be a potential reference to the Disclosure itself, based on the context.

When Frasier bursts into anger at Roz at 1:05, he says "I took the liberty of running a few irresistible ideas by [Glenn] so that I could prove my point and let you come clean."

A possible reference to intentional disinformation being released to hide the complete truth -- but that eventually everyone will indeed come clean.

At 1:29, before he delivers the big statement, Glenn says, "I was misled and I feel awful. And, you know, it's not like me to be that under-handed."

At 1:44, Roz says, "I am so sorry, Senator Glenn." He responds, "Well, I am the one who's sorry. It's my nature to be honest..."

This is immediately followed by Frasier saying, "Now listen, Roz. I'm going to tell you what I did this for." And from here, we'll examine the whole rest of the transcript.


Cut to Glenn: "Back in those glory days, I was very uncomfortable when they asked us to say things we didn't want to say and deny other things."

Cut to Roz: "I am so mad at you, Frasier."

Frasier: "Oh yeah, well I'm mad too, so just bring it on."

Cut to Glenn: "Some people asked, you know, were you alone out there? We never gave the real answer, and yet we see things out there, strange things."

Cut to Roz: "This is my project. I asked you not to take control, and now you've gone behind my back and done just that."

Frasier: "Roz, you didn't even give me a fair shake!"

Roz: "If I didn't, it's because I was trying to protect myself -- because you can be so bossy sometimes!"

Cut to Glenn: "...but we know what we saw out there. And we couldn't really say anything. The bosses were scared of this, they were afraid of the War of the Worlds type stuff, and about panic in the streets.

So, we had to keep quiet. And now we only see these things in our nightmares or maybe in the movies, and some of them are pretty close to being the truth."


Cut to Frasier: "All right, Roz. I'll admit that maybe I was being a little too assertive. All right? But the least you could do is admit that perhaps you were a bit defensive."

Cut to Glenn: [Uses finger to imitate UFOs zipping past him while making whooshing noises -- looking like a foolish, crazy old man in the process.]

Cut to Roz: "Well, maybe you're right. But it was because I was trying to prove that I could do this on my own. So I was shutting you out. I admit it.  It was unfair and I apologize."

[Here we see a clear reference to the people within various 'black projects' withholding information from Majestic, because of their own disagreement with how the cover-up has been conducted.]

Frasier: [Laughs] "Accepted. Oh, Roz, come on! Our friendship is much more important to me than this documentary!" [Reaches to hug her.]

Roz: [Accepting hug] "Oh, it is to me too, Frasier."


[Glenn enters the control room.]

Glenn: "Uh, look. About what I just said out there. Can we just keep that between us?"

Roz: "Oh, of course, Senator!" [Reaches for the audiotape and pulls it out.]

Glenn: "Wait! You were recording all that?"

Roz: "Oh yeah. Well, that's OK. We've got plenty of tape."

Glenn: [Angrily grabs tape.] "I'm gonna need that tape." [Storms out of the control room.]

Roz: "He's a little tightly wound."

Glenn: "Looks like somebody should maybe cut back on the old Tang." [END OF CLIP]

It appears that Majestic used this show as propaganda -- to foreshadow a Disclosure and also in an attempt to send a signal to various warring factions that they should kiss and make up, so everyone on the 'inside' can present a unified front once the big announcement is made.

Glenn's seizure of the tape was a message poking fun at the fact that for now, the secrets are still being kept from the public. Nonetheless, this show strongly signals that open and honest Disclosure is on the way -- by actually doing it on live network television in thinly-veiled fiction.



One of the things that caught my attention when I first heard Glenn's statements (in which the laugh tracks seem VERY much out of place) is his mention of the insiders' fear that the public would react as they did to War of the Worlds.

This was exactly the same thing my friend told me in 1993 -- a friend whose physics professor worked in the higher echelons of NASA through the 1970s, where it was considered common knowledge that UFOs were real. 

Everyone knew they had crashed here, and that much of our modern technology owes itself to this 'inheritance' -- including solid-state transistors, fiber optics, LED lights, Teflon, bullet-proof vests, infrared night vision, lasers, holograms, Velcro and, of course, computer chips.

Many other technologies were acquired as well, which remain highly classified -- such as free energy, 'portal' technology and gravity-shielding devices.


I was totally shocked when "The Day After Roswell" came out in 1995, by Col. Philip Corso. This highly decorated military colonel had personal experience with the reverse-engineering of ET artifacts, and his testimony in the book validated everything I'd heard from my friend's physics professor -- point for point.

I had never shared the professor's information with anyone, and hadn't even gone online for the first time -- on a ridiculously pathetic 3.3K dial-up modem with AOL -- until six months after I read the book.


Some time around when this Frasier show was broadcast in March 2001, Dr. Pete Peterson was told by elements of Majestic that a massive economic collapse was about to arrive.

He was warned to be fully prepared for a complete breakdown of society as we know it -- all the most paranoid conspiracy theories come true.

9/11 seems to have been the provocation they expected would trigger this, though Peterson never was told this. He was not informed whether 9/11 was the expected 'spark' they were talking about, once the big event had actually happened.

It is possible that Majestic made blatant moves to help set the stage in that episode of Frasier -- so that when society really did go through such an event, as they fully expected, they could use Disclosure to help redirect the public's attention... and inspire a whole new era. 

A New American Century, let's say. Post-2012. The Rockefeller faction wanted to control the outcome as best they could.

PETERSON SPELLS IT OUT ..... (Continued Here)

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