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Mexico and U.S. Collapse Imminent in 2010-2011? *LINK*

Maybe we should pay closer attention to Mexico...


    Mexico and US Collapse Imminent in 2010-2011

April 14, 2010
Prof. Alexander Backman
Co-Host of Conciencia Radio Program
Baja California, Mexico


Mexico is not what it used to be. In fact it never was. The promises of a better tomorrow, the signs of progress have been dissolved forever. I write to you from the most dangerous country for journalists to work from. And I have decided to write and report what is happening in Mexico and that is probably not being reported abroad...

The question is, due to the similarity of the messages, as if they where redacted and just modified but with the exact same phrases used in all of the messages, would it be possible that the supposed drug war and out-of-control and lawless failed state of Mexico, which the Pentagon and CIA termed Mexico to be in Jan and Feb 2009 and that is now coming bitter fruition, is part of a “Reichstag-Lusitania-Gulf of Tonkin, 9-11” False Flag Operation? Could some agent provocateurs are behind the seeding of these messages? It is known that the Blackwater/Xe is operating in Mexico as well as the Israeli Mossad...

When Mexico is seen as an out-of-control extinct to be Constitutional Republic, which my fellow Mexicans have forgotten and fall for the idea of living the Hypocrisy of Democracy, this shows us the Agenda behind the Agenda, the strings being pulled by the Global Elite, are used to not raise any suspicions, but at the same time, to relay THE MESSAGE of what is boiling in the back burner of Lucifer and his minions.

I concur that 2010 is the conjunction of the Masonic-Satanic time frame to collapse the U.S. and Mexico and begin a totalitarian imposition on all. The U.S. having one or multiple “Dirty-Nuke” attacks as is being portrayed in the media (NY, LA, SFO, HOU, CHI, ATL being key positions). This interlaced with the fact that Mexico had its War for Independence in 1810 and Revolution in 1910 and is being destroyed in this 2010. This is working like clockwork in a 100-year cycle for a reason. The Bicentennial that so many Mexicans know see as a bloody day reminiscent of olden days is blood and tears all over again.

In conjunction, the U.S., a Christian nation that was created in 1776 (888+888=JESUS CHRIST IN GREEK GEMATRIA, David Flynn), is also embedded in the Masonic-Satanic codex of the Evilarchy (termed coined by Anthony J. Hilder). We can interlace the codes and validate them in an uncanny non-coincidental manner.

When we take the 1776 marker and divide it in cycles of 18 years each up to the 2010 end marker, we have exactly 13 cycles of 18 years each or vice versa. This is clearly visible on the Great Seal behind the Masonic-Luciferian 1 dollar bill. It is important to state that of all the bills that suffered redesigning, the only ONE that did not suffer ANY ALTerations was the 1 dollar note.

In a similar way, Tom Horn, prolific researcher and author shows in his book APPOLYION RISING the relationship and occult interests of studying and embedding the Mayan Tzolkin Solar Clock inside the DOME of the Washington CAPITOL (CAPITALL) building. As with the Vatican, both are on a hill or mound and both are in front of obelisks (Jordan Maxwell). As well, the Mayan Calendar, painted by Brunelli by order of the Masons and the Jesuits in the late 1800s is imprinted beside the Apotheosis of Washington and the Seal of the Knights of Malta (see the sails on the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria of COLUMBus) and the Jesuit logos of the Heart of Fire. All this is a RITUAL that cannot be undermined. The Goddess Columbia being hailed as the Great Harlot...

Which reminds me when I was in L.A. County back in 2005. I was about to give a conference on Nuclear Terrorism to the Hispanic population and an official from the Department of Homeland Security, sent to see me by Governor Schwarzenegger, who was park half a mile away, escorted be into a room and in private revealed to me by opening his laptop computer a series of images and briefed me on the nature of the events to come. Let's just say that after seeing what I was shown and carefully listening to what I was being told and after wearing his Israeli NBC Gas Mask which he lent me for the rest of the day, I purchased one for my own sake. What he told me is already starting to be unveiled. I will never forget it:

“The Government will not save the people but the Government will guarantee its own survival.”

I must confess, the outlook for the rest of this year looks somberly and eerily dark for us that can read between the lines. Impotency and an ever-increasing disinformation campaign are weakening us, the Lions who pasture among the sheeple (Anthony J. Hilder); a confrontation seems imminent as the ENEMY WITHIN exposes and scratches its bloody claws upon us all. The Day after Tomorrow, Jack Bauer in 24, Ghost Recon in Mexico City, Under Siege, The Knowing and 2012 are clear think-tank sponsored acclimation strategies (PsyOps) that have sequestered the very minds we are trying to free. It is unmistakably clear that the harvest and war for souls on this earth has begun. God Bless Us All...



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