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Larry King Refurbished by Christian Warrior: Clear Signs of 'Blacksmithian Neanderthal Obsession'? *PIC*

Hi Folks,
he did it again, despite my recently given well-meant advice to keep his fingers away from those brittle chosen noses.

(Who is HE? What know we? Maybe a SHE or a special agent ... might be?

Stupid guy. Pretends to be Christian. Looks as if his mother was Mona Liza, his father Lord Jesus himself (cloned from DNA found in the famous Turin shroud, ya know) and as if he couldn't do any harm to a tiny flea.

The Judicial Artwork
Which non-lying decent Christian would do this?

to the left

Larry 'beautified' to appear like one out of EricH's Neanderthal Collections.
Earlobe stretched. Bridge, nostrils and lower lip shaped to look camel-like.
EricH's Neanderthal Shop Pages 1 to 6
to the right

Larry live with untouched facial features

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